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Every one is looking for experienced person but i think sometimes they should offer work to the new seller . it will inspire.


New sellers must demonstrate they’re capable of doing a job properly. Unfortunately, in your case, you haven’t managed to do that. You’ve made several major errors in your profile description alone. A writer can’t reasonably expect to make such errors and earn orders.


That’s not true. He might write content for “The Meksel Herald”, which is a popular satire magazine. I mean, it might not be for that particular magazine, but I am sure there are tons of spin-offs. Do you get the picture, sir?


Inspire what? Re-structuring of the English language to cater for writers with a poor command of it? You aren’t getting orders because you are not a writer. You want to be a writer. You think you can write. However, in one badly structured sentence, you’ve proved that you are very rough around the edges.

Sorry to be harsh, but that’s simply the way it is.


Often buyers look at the writing gigs of new sellers. If the profile description and gigs are littered with obvious grammatical errors (as indeed yours are) they will just move on to someone else.


There are people giving work to new sellers all the time, just look at all the “got my first order, got my first order and a tip, got my first review, got my second order, …” etc. threads. That you don’t get orders doesn’t necessarily mean that people don’t sometimes risk their money on a new seller.
And everyone who now isn’t a new seller anymore, was a new seller when they started.
These “nobody gives work to the new ones” threads don’t really make sense.

Welcome to the forum anyway - it says your forum reading time is 7 minutes, perhaps if you go through the forum, especially the tips for sellers category, you’ll find some useful stories and tips you can try out yourself and see if you might not get orders then, despite being new, like offering things you are skilled in, spending time to work on your gigs, etc.


can you tell in details about it?


yes it is but everyone is getting wrong. i just wanted to say sometimes they say if you are new seller then you should not send offer… i have problem with that.
Forum is a support to us but look like it is my exam hall.

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Don`t be so judgemental brother. writing in forum and formal writing is not the same. sometimes we make mistakes knowing that it is a mistake. you should give support not this…

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How do they say that to you?
You mean they write in their Buyer Requests that they don’t want offers from new sellers? I don’t think I see that often or at all in my niche’s BRs.
I’m not sure how else that might happen, as else it’s the buyers who contact you, not the other way round, and if they do contact you, they should have seen in your profile that you’re new. If they contact you about an offer and then tell you to not send one because you’re new, that would indeed be weird but I don’t assume it happens often.


Most of the errors in your profile description relate to spacing and capitalisation. If you master those two aspects of the English language, your prose will look far better.


yes, you are right in their requests.

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The above is how the OP seems to have changed the narrative.

but i think some times they should give work to the new.

Originally he used the word “give” and after a few replies, then edited his post.


Ah, I see. Well, if some do that, then don’t reply to them, you probably wouldn’t enjoy working with them anyway, and focus on convincing those who don’t say that to order from you.

My points still stand, though, everyone deals with the same BRs, everyone is new at one point, and just as well as there are some people who won’t hire new people, there are also people who won’t hire experienced sellers with fair or higher rates because they prefer to order from new people who often undercut fair, sensible, whatever you may want to call it, rates.


I’m not being judgmental. I’m stating a fact. Would you feel comfortable being treated by a doctor who accidentally kills people out of hours, but really wants a chance to be an MD?

Your writing is poor. You don’t need someone to take pity on you and give you a chance. You need to brush up your writing skills.


tell me about my errors that you have found doc.

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any problem with editing it?

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I’m sorry, I’m busy giving oration lessons to choir of swine at the moment.


looks like you are good at giving oration to choir of swine. keep it up…

No, you’re allowed to edit your posts. It’s just that the original post made it sound like you were asking for charity. Later on in the thread we found out you were referring to those few people who refuse to work with new sellers. That’s probably why our posts were different to what you were expecting.

Anyway, don’t worry about it too much. Discrimination against newbies (if you can even call it that) happens in all walks of life – marketplaces, the workplace, etc. A lot of sellers think it’s a bigger hinderance to them than it really is.

If you improve your skills and then focus on proving your ability to buyers, hopefully you’ll get some sales and won’t have to deal with this issue for much longer.

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