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Content writing for $5 is difficult. It is really hard to come up with a word count (I’m currently at “up to 150 words”) on a content writing gig that makes it worth my time. It really isn’t about writing faster. And to top it off, I regularly have had customers who want to engage in some sort of thorough interview process: several specific questions about experience, followed by a request for specific writing samples, etc. etc. etc., all to then order a single $5 gig. I do not have time for this, and I really think it should be okay to expect buyers who want to pay $5 per gig for content to read the testimonials, look over my general content writing samples, and make their decision as opposed to asking me to send them examples of content I have written for clients in the pogo-stick riding (or insert your own favorite obscure niche) market… So my questions to content writers are: How do you handle the frequent attempts of potential clients to put you through an interview/writing sample process for a $5 gig? What kind of writing samples do you keep and send to potential clients?


I am in similar situations sometimes. I write fiction whereas you write content so naturally the prices differ. If a buyer asks for a sample I offer them a sample order for $5, as my rates are above $5. If you only charge $5, it can be a bit of a problem. I suppose you just have to explain that you can’t work for free.


Writing is a skill and as such it should attract a premium rate.

You’ve answered your own question. It’s just not worth it for $5.

The very fact you’re spending time being put through an interview process and exchanging multiple messages should tell you this.

To be quite blunt I would never sell a writing gig for $5. Never.