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Contentious pricing


i’m disappointed with a seller and won’t take their ‘deal’.

their premium gig for text review advertised is $25 for delivery under 10h and they just offered me a ‘deal’ for $30 to deliver less words in 2 days?!

who do i report that to? how people have been handling that?


Point that out to them, if they don’t correct the offer then report to Customer Service.

Was this ‘deal’ bought already? If so, report them to customer service. You shouldn’t feel intimidated into spending any more than what was originally agreed upon or ordered. I’m sorry you’re experiencing this, as not all sellers conduct business like that. Good day.

  • Baddison :slight_smile:

It could just be a slip. Maybe they meant 2h? Talk with them.

Why report anything to customer service? Just don’t buy the gig.

Because unprofessional behavior should be reported, not left for the next person to have to deal with too.

I know it seems to be the principled thing to do, but I doubt CS is going to put it on the front burner. They have much bigger issues. Instead, let the market decide. If this is how they conduct business, people won’t buy and go someplace else.