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Contigency Plan


Does anyone have a contingency plan for their gigs and delivery. What I mean is if something happened to you or your family, computer, home (I.e illness, natural disaster) do you have a plan so you can communicate or have someone communicate for you with your buyers about their order (s)


Fiverr iphone app :slight_smile:


There’s a Fiverr iphone app?

I store all my gig files in a hard drive and also have another device that connects to the internet via 4G.


All of my files are stored on Dropbox and I too have the iPhone backup plan, including Dropbox on my phone. The biggest issue for me is that I need software such as Photoshop to complete many of my gigs. Guessing in the event of major event, I would have to suspend my gig until all was well.

Dropbox is an amazing resource - - check it out, they have a free plan that is pretty cool.


I was hospitalized recently & had 2 gigs waiting to be delivered. I got someone to message them for me saying that I would be delayed & they were ok with it.


If I need to, my husband will get onto my accounts for me (here, my email accounts and other places that I supply content for). If something were to happen to me that would lead to me not being able to complete orders, my husband has username and password details for every single account that I own so he can shut them down if needs be.

I don’t work with anyone but my husband knows my writer contacts should anything need to be completed if I can’t do something for any reason and knows who I would trust should I ever have to outsource the work.