Continue order 2/3 but no ranking my gig


Hello everyone
I am continue 2/3 order completed successfully but my gig no searching results. Please tips how solved my problem


Keep marketing on social media, don’t take a break, and choose something that the people want but the competition is low in the market



you are absolutely right


keep marketing and daily send buyar request


Generally, Rank on Fiverr 30% depends on your gig service/description 30% on marketing/impression and the rest 40% depends on your order rate/positive review.
Go for marketing, people should know about your service. It will increase your gig impression view and click rate.
Most importantly maintain your client’s satisfaction and earn a 5-star positive review.
Hope it will work :slightly_smiling_face:


you have to do marketng different social media platform like facebook,twitter etc.when anyone click your gig it will create impression and your gig take your preferable place.



keep social media marketing everyday…


keep marketing your gig :heart_eyes: