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Continuous Email Reminders RE: Gig I Did Not Order

As a new seller, I have been looking around the site. I was looking at someone’s gig packages and now I’ve been getting an email alert daily to:

Don’t forget to finish your order. It’s Still In The Bag Looks like you found a gig. Now, all you need to do is finish your order. One small step before you can tick one more thing off your to-do list!

I did not order this gig. I added it to my favorites and a favorite category I created. I can’t find a bag to delete it if it’s there. I can’t find a cart to delete it if it’s there. I went back to the gig in question and can’t see any info that I ordered it. Am afraid to unsubscribe from the email alert in case I can never find it again and it gets locked in to cycling to me for eternity. :cry:

Please help me. This is so annoying. I’ve read the posts about the disappearance of the shopping cart or add to cart button. Don’t understand what is going on with that.


I had this happen a few times but not continuously. I think it will stop soon.

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Thank you SO much! You don’t think I accidentally ordered this gig and have clogged up the seller’s que with a mistake, do you? Do you think I should contact her and ask? Or will I open a can of worms? :open_mouth:

No you didn’t order it. You may have clicked on something on the gig but didn’t order it so fiverr is trying to get you to go ahead and order it.

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Just letting everyone know that these email have seemed to stop. Haven’t gotten one today or yesterday.

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