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Continusously second order done with 5 star rating

I’m Muzamil Munir, a resume writer and data entry expert.

After a long time,
Finally I complete my contiusously second order with 5-star ratings.
I’m so happy. :slight_smile:
I want to thank my that client for giving me the opportunity to work with him and to make proper use of my skills.
I’m active in Fiverr for more than 18 hours and send buyer request regularly.
But no improvement.
Can anyone explain how to get more orders?


Congrats keep it up bro

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Welcome to Fiverr

Make your delivery days at 24 hours.
Lower the price to 10$ for basic and 20$ for standard.

This may help you at the beginning and after couple of orders you can get all of that back to what it was before.
And do not edit the gigs more than one time per month, this may effect the gig on search results.

Hope that i have helped.

congrats mahn …

thanks for appreciation

Thanks for appreciation