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Contract marriage? What in the world!

“want a young lady above 18, must be a USA citizen, live within or in Texas or not a far city from Texas, who would go into contract marriage with me. Contact me and let us go into more details. Please only serious minded people are required to contact me.”

Fiverr is now a dubious dating site??

What woman could resist that offer? Single American women get these kinds of offers from foreign men all the time who want US citizenship.

Don’t know why so many people in my country (and elsewhere) are so desperate to get to U.S. / Europe. I never considered it even once. Happy where I am and don’t think I would be able to live so comfortably in U.S./U.K./Australia.

$5 for a citizenship, that’s a bargain! :stuck_out_tongue:

1). People are different and they have different situations and dreams. You can´t know how/what they feel because you have never been in their shoes. If I am not mistaken you were born in a family with many servants, but many people are not as lucky as you.

2). The grass always looks greener on the other side. They don´t know that there is not a perfect country. However, some people did get their lives changed better after they moved to USA/Australia/Western Europe. Maybe not everyone, but many of them.

3). Some people have a bigger dream than the average bears. They will wanna move to another country which will give them that opportunity as in their country they are stuck. Of course not everyone will make it. But when you have a dream, you should take a chance or be dying someday when you are old with big regrets. You won´t regret the things you have never achieved, you will regret things that you wanted to do yet you never gave yourself a chance to try.

On the other hand there are also many Americans, Europeans, Australians who have moved and want to move to another country such as to South East Asian countries nowadays for different reasons.

Oh God, there we go about servants again…really, it is nothing unusual for middle class households in India to have servants, it is not only the rich who have them. My family is nothing unusual. Every middle class household in India hires a maid for cleaning duties, a gardener if they have a garden, a cook if they don’t have time to cook. There is nothing great about that. I didn’t grow up in a house full of servants, I am not a Mahararah, I am an upper middle class Indian at best. We have never had servants living in the house (except a nanny when I was a child). The maid who works in my house, spends not more than 30 minutes a day. She also works at 6 to 12 houses, I don’t know how many. It’s the same for the cook. The gardener probably works at 100-200 houses a month. Let’s end this discussion on servants forever.

I hope Fiverr would not be a dating site. Especially not in that particular way. That request smells wrong.

LOL. Okay, sorry. You brought up the servants thingy in a few threads (you started it, lol), stuff like that. But anyway, I hope you understand why people want to move to another country with the points I made. If not then it´s okay too.

This is the land of opportunity. We have many Indians who come here, get loans from others in the Indian community and open small convenience stores and buy gas stations, or further their education and get high paying jobs, who live very nice lives which they might not have been able to achieve in their own country.

Many rich and famous Americans came here in poverty and in their lifetimes have become enormously successful through hard work and intelligence. My own ancestors came here in the 1600s, desperate for better lives for themselves and their progeny. I have the biography of a female ancestor of mine who traveled from Holland to Brazil to Jamaica and finally to New Amsterdam (New York) with her young son in the 1600s. I surmise she was Jewish,
and was forced out of every country she had lived in for that reason.

Exactly, America with whatever crazy sh*t going on today is STILL the land of opportunity.

He probably wants to pay $5.

He would probably even pay $1 if he could.

Please make sure to report this post to Customer Support.

Report that spam. :slight_smile:

People on the forums often say you should treat fiverr as a business, so next time reply with a custom offer.
In this case for example “for xxxx dollars i will contact you using fiverrs messaging system to talk about the details. This offer only covers x amount of messages limited to xx amount of words. Fiverr terms will be honored The fine print (no personal information may be shared, no refunds)”

What he is proposing is illegal if he is not a US citizen.

Yeah. Somosa, jalebi, Pani puri…

No matter how many years you spend abroad, home is home.