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Control of Orders - Seller now targeting me for revenge

Another reason why we sellers need some form of control on what orders to accept and not.

As a buyer I ordered a gig, the seller oversold himself and could not deliver. He had said he will make up and handle the 2nd phase so I did not cancel order on him, so he can make up for it on a subsequent task that apparently was more capable of. Only to also not deliver on this 2nd task, by means of not even responding. He actually requested a refund via CS and I did receive the funds back.

Before the refund was processed, I posted a review, as it was my responsibility to share my experience with others as this is the whole purpose of reviews.
Obviously he did not like the review and had also asked me to not post a review while he handles the refund.
After refund, he asked me to speak to CS to have the review removed.
I ignored him.
So what does he do now? He places an order on one of my low cost gigs to only do the same as ‘revenge’ and also give me a low rating and affect my overall 5-star.

I have no plans to accept or deliver this gig or even message him, and I think Fiverr should handle such via some processes so it does not affect my ranking, but for goodness sake, we need some control of which gigs to accept and not to be able to handle such orders from such people.

(note: this was a gig that I actually wanted to remove but not got around to it. When I received notification new order pending requirements, I managed to delete this gig before buyer was able to complete the requirements. Still he was able to submit the requirements and submit the order and countdown commence. Maybe helpful for others to know what happens in such cases)

He asking me to remove his review and now harassing me this way, should his account not be at risk of closure?

  • and if due to my case, he does get his account removed, he will most likely attack me from another account and try to do the same. Hence why and another reason we need to curate and accept or decline orders as needed and even filters to not accept new buyers and to be able to see details about this new buyer especially when they are under a new account.

Wanted to hear what others have to suggest and how to handle it, besides contacting CS.

  • ignore the order and not deliver, and how will that affect my profile?
  • other tips?

I am level 2, so hope I do indeed receive some priority support from CS team, only time will tell.

My experience and my 2cents worth why we need that ‘more order control’ option Fiverr.

Thank you


What a childish person.

You can’t remove reviews yourself - only CS can do this, and they will only do it if it breaks ToS.

If that seller told you that they placed the order to threaten you, definitely report them to CS. Include a screenshot of the exact message they sent. Hopefully they cancel the order for you.


Sh#tty man.

You should go for CS of course.

Don’t block him, SS all the chats too. (Just as a precaution).

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The only thing you can do is compile all your evidence on this person (messages etc), especially where they are asking you to remove your review - as that is against the TOS and contact CS to see if they can cancel this order without it affecting your completion rate.

Unfortunately, if this person is that vengeful, they can create as many accounts as they like and order from you only to harm your reputation here - we do not have a tool that lets us cancel because we have a bad feeling about an order unfortunately. You may want to raise your prices so that it discourages them from ordering I suppose, but, you are in a pickle if they want to mess with you.



Thats what you would expect from a type of person that doesnt follow through, twice. Then acts like a spoiled brat when you’re honest. Thats the world as we know it. Good luck, but don’t quit being honest! I think you will be helped out on this one. Let us know how it turns out!

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Thanks folks for your support.

I see an option within Resolution Center to checkbox option to ask client to cancel order, but not sure if I should pursue this or not as obviously he will ignore it.

But then I noticed in requirements, I had a Requirement, ‘you must have X’
and his reply was " I do not have X"
so even this should be enough on its own to have CS cancel this order, so should such not be an automated option to auto not accept such orders if requirements are not met?

All this is a huge time waster, and that is why we need Fiverr to adapt to give us control and not waste our time with such cases. This will easily eat up a day or more in hours communicating with CS etc, that we hardly all have.

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Eeeeh, if you knew you’d be getting a refund and still proceeded with leaving a review, it’s not very nice. I’m not looking for a debate about the “right” and the “purpose” but this reasoning usually comes from specifically and only the buyers (not someone who also has experience selling on the platform).

PS It’d be better for you to handle this cancelation through CS, not Resolution Center. It most likely won’t affect you that way. And you can report the person while you’re at it.


Please report this incident to Fiverr support immediately.

And I agree that Fiverr should give the seller some level of control to accept or decline order from a buyer. Sometimes some buyers don’t go through the details of the gig and purchases least expensive package directly for long list of requirements.

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He wanted to cancel and refund me, and I am the one that suggested do not cancel as it will affect your rating and to make up for it for subsequent task he was more skilled to complete.
He then promised to commit, and only to then receive a message that he has no more time for this as he spent too much time and was going to request a refund, so he falsely promised again. And to top it off, when I told him I fixed what he could not, and sent him the details for the subsequent task, he simply ignored my message.

So do you really think I was not ‘too nice’ - when i spent more time than he did and fixed alone what he could not, with such advertised skills and making promises (twice) to only be able to get away with it, when I tried to save his account from ’ a cancel order’ in the 1st instance?

I had no option since I had no response from him for subsequent task to be able to leave a review before this option expired for me.
And I had lost faith in him and no idea if there was going to be a refund anyway coming through. I would not trust such a person even he did say a refund was requested.


I’ll be “team no-one” here, sorry. But again, you have more evidence of bad behavior to have things go your way if you take it up to CS. That’s good news for you. Attach the screenshots, explain the situation and it should be handled in your favor.

PS The seller was probably sure the review would go away after the cancelation like it used to. Now it doesn’t and that was a giant surprise for them, I guess. Hence, the erratic behavior. They just went on and did something that could cost them 2 warnings or a ban.


CS will probably resolve this for you and investigate the other seller. I’d be surprised if they risked their main account by repeatedly targeting you, but then again I’m probably not one to talk considering I’ve been stalked on Fiverr in the past.

Anyway, let us know how it works out. I can’t see CS not taking this seriously tbh.

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Practising “revenge” on an online marketing platform just goes to show how childish and low minded some people can be. I hope CS handles this issue well for you.


CS responded and were great about it. They fully understood with no questions asked, well after I gave them all the proof as you all also recommended I do.
They cancelled the order and all good.

Huge kudos to fiverr all of you for your support.
Thank you.


The End!

What a wonderful story; I learnt a lot.

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