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Conversation before custom offer, do you like it?

So I wanted a custom song. More accurately, I have a Japanese song that’s translated into English already. But the translation just translates the meaning and doesn’t follow the music, it’s not an actual lyrics that I can sing.

And I needed someone to rewrite the translation into a real lyrics, following the original Japanese melody.

I sent messages for some sellers who offer song writing, asking if they could do it. As you can see this isn’t a usual request and so it won’t be in their gig description. Yet I believe anyone who know English and music could do this, I just tried to find a suitable seller.

One of them sent me a $70 offer without any explanation, I haven’t even sent him the song yet. I rejected it in a huff. Even if it’s $7 I’ll reject it. The price isn’t the only problem but the lack of communication is.

This will be acceptable if I already send him the song, the translation, everything I have for the project, and ask “how much”. I was only asking “if you could do it?”

As a seller, do you just send out custom offer without saying anything? I have never done so.

As a buyer I think it’s disrespectful. At least answer that it’s something you can do, and only send the offer once you actually understand the project.

Hello! I always communicate before I send a custom offer. Usually there is quite a bit of it before I send the offer so I know exactly what the client needs. They request the offer and understand what they will be getting.

I usually like to communicate before custom orders, and even regular orders in general (I find that it helps prevent mutual frustration). However, every seller has what works for them. Some people don’t like buyers sending long threads of messages that may not eventually result in sales.

Hello, I can write but can’t translate from Japanese, but if it is already translated, I could help you and retain the meaning and try get it to flow with the melody. It sounds like a fun piece of work to do!