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Just a point about banning. We have become a virtual family here and to get banned or suspended from your own family is humiliating. It happened to me once, and now it has happened to a good friend of ours. I don’t know if she is going to come back here after her suspension ends. I think the moderators are doing a great job, but the person I speak of has been the most helpful poster here for the last many years, so it is sad that this has come to this. Anyway, that’s all there is to say.

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I understand your feelings about this. The moderation team discusses bans or suspensions when they happen and it’s not taken very lightly, but if a disruption is happening, time-outs are going to happen too sometimes.

I agree that we are a group of virtual friends and that it’s hard when someone pushes things to the point that the team decides to take an action like a suspension or ban. Even the most helpful poster sometimes takes public discussions to a point that it is a problem. Anyone is capable of violating the forum rules, ToS, or community guidelines, sometimes without even meaning to. We try to discuss issues, sometimes we try to get the situation to settle, and there are multiple moderators and sometimes staff involved if a person is a regular user and real contributor. It is just going to happen at times, though, especially with very vocal people who post publicly and continually in a way that is disruptive or potentially disrespectful to other users, moderators, or staff.

Permanent bans are only done in more extreme situations where a person has made an extreme comment that could be perceived as hate speech, threatening, illegal, or encouraging other users to violate the ToS. Usually that person has been warned multiple times and has often been suspended before. Bans are not common at all.

Everyone who has concerns about suspensions should realize that they happen on most forums and those who like to post a lot might get one occasionally. It’s really not such a big deal, it’s an inconvenience for a short time. If they want to come back afterwards, they can. Others have and just resumed their activity. Also, I encourage everyone concerned should read this post which might help you avoid minor or major suspension times:

That post is directly related to the forum team’s obligation and intentions for a community space for everyone including new people, regulars, quiet folks and vocal ones.


I just found my ban mildly irritating, tbh.


Maybe to make it less irritating for the banees we could have an ‘I’ve been Banned’ badge? :grin:


Agree with your sentiments, writer. It´s sad when it comes to such things.
Agree with your points too, Maddie, and Emma proves the ‘it´s really not such a big deal’,
only how big a deal it is of course is very dependent on personality. Some would only be mildly irritated, and there even are people who actually enjoy a temp ban and even if they are miffed at first, later carry it as a badge of honour, but of course there are those too, who´ll be really hurt.

It´s important that both people who get a ban at some point but also those who see someone is banned, realize that a ban is not a humiliation and not even a ‘It´s all your own fault.’ but a time out, to take a step back and reflect on what happened and why,
and that anyone who gets temp banned for whatever reason, realizes that probably nobody but themselves sees it as a big deal, a humiliation or anything like that.

To take up writer’s family sentiments, if there´s quarrel among family members, things can get heated, but I think it´s a rare occurrence that family would not be happy when a member returns, even if they are black sheep like Emma. :wink:

A ban should really be the last resort though, but as far as I´ve been reading up to now, there´s quite a bit of pre-warning going on before a ban.

Or: if you get banned, get banned. If you see the reason why, learn from it. If you don´t, perish in style or laugh it away.

@capitalquality 's post,which she posted while I was still rambling, sums up some of my long rambles though! Maybe the t-shirt designer gig people will take it up too and it will boost the t-shirt design business!

Oh, edited to add, not to get edited:
There´s a different point though I´d like to make on this occasion - if mods split off gigs to make a post into it´s own thread, maybe it´s a good idea to give the poster of the splitted off post the choice if they rather want to mark their post as off-topic in the original thread they posted it than having it made into a new thread? I know, if the poster of the post isn´t on to reply, mods might have to do it right away though, maybe then just hide the post so long until the poster responded to the question. And yes, I know, it´s yet more work. :confused: And still more difficult, if there are already reply posts before a post gets split off. But then it´s different to have a post or a thread on something, threads stand out much more and all. Personally I might rather edit my own post or get edited, than to have it made a whole thread, at least sometimes.
Might only be me though, I don´t know. If you get threaded, get threaded, I guess.
Can one edit one´s potential involuntary thread’s title btw when one gets threaded, or does the title of the mod who threaded it, stick?



At some point the people who haven’t been banned will be the pariahs. It will be an embarrassment to have not been banned.

It reminds me of a trip I made to Borneo and while trekking there was this one guy from London who smoked like a chimney and none of the leeches would bite him. The rest of us were jealous because he didn’t have blood everywhere but he was getting really upset about it and he ended up having us drop leeches directly on him to try and get them to bite him, but, alas, to no avail.

Wait, I’ve forgotten the point… oh, yes, there’s two sides and both sides are valid. I’m not sure that was the point, or even a point but there it is, regardless.


“Smoking is cool and keeps leeches away”

The keeping leeches away thing is useful on Fiverr, too!


This is for normality. Hope you can the duality of this.


I’m going to be 100% honest here… there are only about a dozen posters that I bother to read and that would include everyone who has posted here (and a few others that are missing). I may not agree with everything you post, but I certainly enjoying hearing what you have to say!

In fact, I skim the forum looking for what the “A Team” has recently posted!

P.S. Being a moderator is a tough job.


This is to everyone but it ended up as a reply to @matureactress. My comment is really to everyone commenting or just reading.

I can say for myself that I appreciate all the comments here and we do try hard to maintain a good space and to avoid problems. The forum isn’t supposed to substitute for Facebook or other forms of social media and the fact is that it’s primary purpose is to discussion Fiverr itself. That doesn’t meant that all kinds of other conversations aren’t fine, for the core group I think this is a “water cooler” as we have said before. Conversation is good.

When conversations deviate too far from the original purpose, turn into arguments and fights or become disrespectful, they just don’t belong on the forum anymore. Most people can avoid most of the chances of being “in trouble” by just enjoying the community and using all the categories appropriately including Rants and Conversations, but putting a lid on it when it comes to extreme complaints, more intense arguments and all that. The rules and the community guidelines aren’t here to make life harder, but they do need to be respected even if it means someone has to pause before writing.

The moderators don’t just serve a small group of regulars who know and understand why things are said and what the others can tolerate. The moderators have to serve the entire forum community and some of you might be surprised to know how many lurkers we have. We also have people who are here to chat a bit but won’t get involved in the more complex discussions. When those people become unhappy with the forum and feel uncomfortable reading or talking, they get attention as well and sometimes that means that the disruptive individuals will take a cool off. That quiet group includes everyone from some buyers to some average level 1 and 2 sellers that want to be here but don’t say much, the newbies and even the “mek sells” are due respect if they aren’t being disruptive in a different kind of way.

Back to @matureactress Yes, moderation is hard. I am happy that Discourse gives all readers options to follow what they want, mute certain things, quickly skim for new posts and watch for the posts they want to read. Our past forums had some of that, a little of it better but most of it much worse. Thanks to all of you for continuing to build our community! :rice_scene:


I only was banned for one post because I … and then after… I decided to… and that in fact …

All jokes aside, the idea for the badge is a good one and made me laugh. Like a criminal record :slight_smile:
I really want that badge.

I wasn’t annoyed by the ban as I always take the consequences for what I say or do and always stay behind my words.

I also only come here for a minute or two, skip through the posts and leave if there is no one from the ‘old guard’ posting or replying or there is nothing new to talk about.

At this time I don’t feel that there is anything I need or that I want to contribute. So having a look so now and then is oké for me.



Thank you very much :slight_smile:


I really don’t see a ban as humiliation. For me a ban from the forum is as interesting as a bag of rice that falls on the ground in China.
No big deal.


:scream: Oh the sacriliege!


I may get banned soon, as I called someone a very bad thing, but loosely disguised the word.

I stand by my heinous allegation though. The mods will already be aware of the post, as its the one where a bad buyer goes on about rats, demands TOS and is generally an unpleasant POS.

Oops, there I go again!