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Conversation Rate

Conversation Rate is too much important in Fiverr? If conversation Rate is gonna low then i lose my Gig rank? Give me some advice please


Nothing like this exists on Fiverr. What do you mean by conversation rate?

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Don’t worry about it. It’s just a statistic.

It shows how many orders you recieve per impression. So if you had 100 impressions and 1 order, thats 1% conversation rate. Same with 1000 impressions and 10 order. 1%. 5 impressions 1 order is 20% conversation rate

It doesn’t effect anything.


I see, OP means conversion rate.

Conversion rate is one of the most important metrics for ranking the Gigs. :smile:

I have a feeling OP meant message response time - which indeed will affect your account.

Thank you so much Dear. You are really a Great seller.

Response time is varied on how fast you reply!:slight_smile:

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That may be the case, I don’t know how Fiverr ranks the gigs but I meant that it doesn’t effect anything with the profile/level.

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When the rate of conversation decreases, there is a little problem with gig rank. But not too much of a Conversation Rate 85…