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Conversation Rating


Fiverr does give a chance to rate the service delivered publically and privately which is great, If Fiverr could also give a chance to rate conversations, it would improve the quality of a conversation. 2 cents.

Thank you.


Spammers and unscrupulous buyers would be able to manipulate me and affect my image and standing if this were to take effect.

I shouldn’t be judged by people who don’t treat me right and no conversation rating could factor in this context.


Your right. It is not a good idea.

Though at one time, not sure if it’s still does, they had an option to rate if a reply you received was helpful. Even though it wasn’t shown anywhere publicly that would have then been used by Fiverr in some way, maybe it could have been used in the search ranking algorithm.

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I remember getting a popup after I had contacted a seller asking me if the information they gave me was helpful or not with a rating of one to ten or something like that. It was weird.

I remember this is exactly what did happen. Sellers were using this against other sellers, or malicious people were deliberately giving sellers terrible ratings to get their gigs to rank worse.


Its Not a good Idea.

Exactly. That doesn’t surprise me at all. It would be so easy to use that as a weapon for fraud, blackmail or sabotage.


Yes, I could give a really intelligent response covering many helpul points, but the person reading understand nothing not say wood stupid useless I.

Unfair judgment that would be (said in Yoda voice)

I would get these strange messages where people would pretend to get all offended and enraged, kind of like I get here sometimes lol. I stopped getting those when they abandoned that feature.

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The only possible thing worth investigating some way of penalizing those who Ghost - people who ask for a price or something, you give a long professional answer, commonly having to ask for more info on which to base a valid quote, and pfft.

People who do this could well do with black marks against their name.

Why would Fiverr penalize a buyer for not responding and leaving a conversation?

What kind of buyer wants to do business with a company that would treat him that way?

That’s not how sales works. You don’t punish prospects with “black marks” if they don’t respond. Honestly…

If people are ghosting you, maybe figure out why and fix that?

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I do understand what you mean.

However 1. people don’t want to read long answers to their questions so they leave generally speaking, sometimes

  1. They have a right to leave any time from any conversation.

Try to find a standardized reply that they need to respond to, a short one, to see if they want to get into more conversation.

It could be something like tell me more about your requirements so I can give you a quote. Don’t aim for long chats. Make them as short as possible and have more of a standard price ready to give them quickly.


or was that TLDR?