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Conversation Tracking/Finding Features Urgently Needed

I am committed to Fiverr; I’ve had some stellar projects with some sellers and my money has been cheerfully refunded (I think :slight_smile: on others with the help of the support desk.

The ability to track conversations and find what was said could be improved. I find myself saving screens to track what I want to remember; a sort of way-point.

Are others finding the same things or can they suggest a workaround?

  1. One location which allows display/sorting/search by order/seller/date.

  2. Make the forum search box work so that we don’t have to repeat conversations.

  3. Recover the text of a forum comment when the comment is rejected for some small reason (no topic?)



nice sharing

For numbers 1 and 2 we used to have the history search feature which has now been disabled.

That´s right the conversation history has been disabled ¨due to technical issues¨ but if you go to the bottom of the same page you have access to previous conversation when you ¨Click here to contact the buyer¨. I use it all the time.

The search feature is back up! OK, so the the black “no” box still happens when you hover over the name, but type in the username and it works!