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Conversation with buyer

How do I talk to a buyer about payments?

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You just tell him what is your budget. If the buyer propose you a little but you don’t want to do the job at a low budget then convence him.

Then you will tell him that,
“Look brother, your work is not so easy. I have to work hard to reach the goal to make you happy. But you are offering me a low budget. If your budget will be little bit higher then i will feel very comfort to work in your project.”

You can also convence your buyer at your own way.



Most buyers do not like to be called “brother” especially those from the UK and the US. It would be best if you simply called buyer by their name.


Have you read these yet?


That is your personal matter, brother. You don’t call them brothers or call them by their names or call them sir. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

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thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I think it would help you to read a book on intercultural communication… Especially since you are selling on an international marketplace. The way things work in your country is not the way they work all around the world.

Also, you should at least be certain about someone’s gender before calling them gender-specific terms. You know… women exist too?

Moreover, you should really try listening to advice when you get it. If you are not willing to adapt and improve, then I do not think that you are going to last long on this platform if I have to be completely honest.

Oh, one more thing: You are using a URL in your gig description that is not allowed by Fiverr. I suggest you delete it right away. See the list of allowed URLs at the bottom of this page:


no but thank for your suggestion