Conversation with buyers outside fiverr


A buyer that wants to use facebook or skype to learn something he/she orders properly from you, is it allowed in fiverr to go outside fiverr? Thanks

Buyer is asking for the cv to be send on the email id?

Yes ofcourse you can go outside Fiverr for that purpose.
Connet with me


Contact outside of Fiverr could get both you and the buyer banned from Fiverr.


As per the Fiverr TOS, contacting a client outside Fiverr may result in account suspension. But what about sellers who offer par example, Online Teaching, Bussiness consultation, Phone readings and so on? I’ve seen gigs like these and it appears that Fiverr actually allows such activities (I mean, contacting a client outside Fiverr for the sake of completing a gig). I have a Skype consultation gig. Is there a chance after I run my gig for sometime, that Fivejumps in and bans my account(provided that I only make use of outside contact for the gig completion purposes)?


For that kind of gigs, it’s best to contact Customer Support in advance and ask them for advice. They will tell you how to do it (plus, if you make screenshots, you will have proof that you were allowed to do it, and that you did as you were told). One thing they tell you is that personal contact information should only be exchanged on the order page. There’s more, so it’s best to ask them.


I know as much as possible ‍for such types of gig Fiverr allows TeamViewer. Or you can record your screen and upload video to youtube and give a link to your buyer but never try to provide any contact information in your video or youtube video description or others without Fiverr permission. Better contact Fiverr support team for ensuring before taking any step. It will be safe your account.


Fiverr warned me about that. Client just wanted to use Skype instead and they had a problem with that. If that’s the case, they need to offer my a client that works 100% without any issues otherwise I’ll strictly use my other platform.