Conversations - Cannot see sent messages!


I cannot understand that on a website where communication is SO importante, as we cannot meet the people, it is not possible:

  • To see if message sent were received and read!,
  • To find an historic of these messages, as some are complexe, and with attachment, it is important to know what we sent…
    Does Fiverr plan to solve this important issue ?
    Thank you



You can always make suggestion in the “Suggestions” Category, and also open a ticket with customer support. Maybe your words will be heard.


How do you know that Fiverr does not plan to correct one of the biggest misconception of the site !? (imho)
I am buying quite a lot here, and it is very irritating that I never know if there is spmeone at the other end of the cable… some messages are never answered! why should I spend time here to try to create business with ghosts? it should be way to know…


I do not know, but God knows surely. :pray:

Maybe this little update they added might assist you at least for the time being until all our wishes and requests and demands are heard by Fiverr. :wink: