Conversations not loading properly


I have seen this issue multiple times where, in a conversation, there will be missing messages or messages that do not load entirely. I will load a conversation once, and then have to refresh the page to make sure the conversation loads any additional messages.

Does anyone else see this issue?

I’m using FF 49.0.2 in OS X 10.9


I second that.

For now, try using the Fiverr mobile app. It is faster than the website because the sockets and placeholders are already a part of the app itself and do not need to be reloaded, unlike the website, all it needs to load is the text and populate it in the app, this makes it faster to load when the server is under heavy load and connections are slow.


Yes, I see that too, yesterday I had to re-write a reply to someone 3 times before it actually showed up and generally sometimes messages of a conversation are not there.
Chrome, latest update, Windows 10


Every single time! I wonder what’s causing this.


this issue has been around for a long time now, I wonder when it will be fixed.