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Conversion Charges are Huge!

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So Basically The Conversion charges are huge .
is there any other way of Avoiding it??

Have a look at the images in my fiverr balance to it reaches Indian Bank .
Is the difference so much only over here or any other country sellers suffer from higher losses because of conversion .

the earlier questions on this topic was not solved so i made a new one .

Unfortunately, no, you cannot avoid currency conversion rates. The difference in currency is a matter of economic status. There will always be differences in national currency rates, and whenever you convert one currency to another, there will be a rise or fall in the resulting amount.


You would have to lose something on currency exchange anyways, but try checking out Payoneer fees. It depends on your country, but generally Payoneer offers better exchange rates than Paypal. There might be flat fees though, so you need to do some math to figure out the minimal sum to withdraw to get the most money in the end.


yeah will go through it Thank you :smiley:

Thank you for valuable info Brother :smiley: