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Conversion is decraesing?

I have joined fiverr last month, Completed and deliver 1 order and also get another order, Reply to the quires in almost 5 to 10 minutes.
Then why my Conversion rate is decreasing.
Expert help need that how can i increase it.
Thank You

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Hello, seo_offpage!

First and foremost, congratulations on your first order, best of luck in the future. In regards to your question and plea for help you should make sure your gigs are all professionally made, this will optimize your conversion rate. If you do not have a serious description or a professional looking gig cover photo, you can’t expect to have a lot of customers. Also, one more piece of advice, have more patience, if you do not give up and keep working towards your dreams one day you will succeed!
For more information you can check my in depth guide here on the forums - 2 Lessons for the PERFECT GIG (LONG - Only suitable for SERIOUS Sellers)

Best of luck in your Fiverr career!

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Thanks Dear for your feedback, Also I’ll tried my best to make my gigs look professional. As for that I also Offer free Services, If a person purchase my gig, Is it Ok?

Also I wanna know that i have some quires, they want to talk me through Skype, Is it legal in fiverr guidelines or not?

Fiverrs TOS are quite complex and I cannot give you a straight answer. The one thing I can say is that those queries might scam you and you will have done a work for free without any consequences for the “buyers”, so you need to be careful!

Hi,never ever use Skype .it’s against the policy of fiverr.yours account could be banned if u uses the more thing never use the word free in gig description.

is it also against the fiverr term and policies

Keep doing your best and try to reply within an hour.

Man Right now I’ll respond to the quires in just 5 minutes.
Anyway, Thanks for your feedback

Keep it up.