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Conversion rate affecting gig rank?

I get so many messages from people I can’t possibly convert to a Buyer. I typically respond to their message in a professional polite way, but I’m starting to believe that’s affecting my conversion rate and possibly my gig’s page placement.

These messages are from people who obviously didn’t read ONE word of my gig description, or they’re casting a wide net looking for Sellers to do the ridiculous, or there in violation of Fiverr’s TOS, or they’re lonely and just want to correspond with a woman (yep, this happens), or they want me to do something unethical/illegal, etc. etc.

Today, I’ve decided to try something different and not reply because replies may affect my conversions. Instead, I"m going to report them under “other”, and describe why they should be reported. Like the guy who contacted me today looking for fake reviews for a popular travel website… now, reported as “other” because he was in violation of TOS.

Sure, CS will probably say conversions are not a factor, but I’m doubtful. They’re sending us leads that cost them money to generate, and like any good sales department, they’ll track who is burning through them and who isn’t.


Good thinking.
Nobody really knows which factors affect our rankings.

I’m pretty sure conversion rates do affect Fiverr ranking and search placement. I’ve turned away at least $100 in work this week and my gigs have been all but removed from the search.

Fiverr is a slippery slope. The minute you are not selling, you are losing. Also, I remember seeing a former TRS seller on here who was de-ranked to level 2 because of a fall in her conversion rate. Please be careful when reporting messages, though. As far as I am aware, not replying at all will lead to your response rate going down.

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That’s an interesting subject. It aligns with my post about wanting to report annoying people who message me instead of answering them.

On a side note, but related, I see that I can see my total conversion rate on the app, not just the rate for each gig. My rate is 9.67%. That’s for all my gigs. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad or average.

I had the impression that every time we reported a message it was reviewed by customer support and most of the ones I want to report for being annoying aren’t breaking a rule but just being tiresome, like the ones you mentioned.

If you don’t reply at all your response rate drops so that’s not a good option.

The conversion rate is based on views. I doubt if it is related to the message system.

I get at least one of these every day.


I believe conversions are irrelevant when it comes to gig rank. What hurts your gig are refunds and bad reviews.

Besides, Fiverr can’t expect you to convert every message, some buyers are messaging 10 different sellers, or they don’t understand your gig and ask questions.

Yesterday one wanted me to sign an NDA agreement, I explained to him that is against Fiverr’s TOS. I don’t know if I’m right with that, I just hate printing, signing, and scanning. I’m also concerned about my privacy.

It is not actually against TOS unless you provide contact info. When asked to provide one, I will fill in my name and state/USA, that’s all I can give them and be ok with TOS (those are things are visible right here in the forum even.) As to the places where it says address, phone number or email, I write in “against fiverr tos” and no one has ever complained.

I know of one VO artist who charges $5 to sign/scan and send the NDA. I only mess with it if it’s a big job. and seems like a large corporation.

I think its related
Because when i see my gig condition
I could see
Gig Views

For more information you can contact with fiverr

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Lately I’m not sure about this. I’m not sure what hurts your gigs. I wish I knew.
Something switched off my gigs a few days ago but it’s not anything I can figure out.

Someone left a 3.7 review by mistake and it stayed there so that may have done it.

Well, I’ve never had as few orders and messages as I have had this month. Even when I first started on Fiverr, I had messages coming in almost every day. At present, this place has become a literal wasteland. I’m just happy that I am not the only one experiencing this.

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Yes from day one I was getting messages and orders. Now I’ve gone days without either.

The first two weeks of August were back to normal and I stayed busy but then switched off again. I checked and it wasn’t the 3.7 review, that was too long ago to have done it for the past few days.

I had been getting prompt reviews while the orders were rolling in, then the reviews stopped just before my gigs were switched off so maybe not getting any reviews for a day or two did it— I am grasping as straws to figure it out.

My impressions all were actually climbing steadily for the first two weeks of August, then all red arrows again suddenly. I can’t help but feel like someone sees how much $ I’m making and says uh oh she’s making too much, we have to stop this.

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Well, I’ve quickly figured out that the Fiverr search now has nothing to do with tags or keywords or gig video promos. Everything is down to sales volume and leverage of things like Pro gigs. There are writers appearing consistently across all writing niches (even niches which they are not targeting) and the only common ranking factor is sales volume.

Currently, a very sensual looking girl looking coyishly at the camera ranks as the No,1 writer on Fiverr in all search categories. No, her gig description doesn’t sound like she can actually write that well. However, she is clearly leveraging the search by offering writing in blocks of 6,000 words for $25. This being the case, she has a ton of orders in queue.

Also, at least for me, any new gigs which I create don’t appear as new arrivals in searches anymore. They just stay flung across the ether because they rank 0 for sales volume.

So yeah, it’s another day another worry with Fiverr. @cyaxrex really? I kinda wanna order and see what she provides.

I made a lot of money in the first two weeks of August so it’s not about how much you are earning. Maybe if I got 100 $5 orders they would not have disappeared my gigs.

That would only have been $500. But I made lot more than that. So it’s definitely not how much money you are taking in. If they took that into account they would have left my gigs where they were.

Based on that and the fact they have another writer who posts on the forum who offers two 500 word articles for $5, it looks like they find the sellers who offer the most for the least to give more impressions to.

Why fiverr sees me raking it in for two weeks and decides to make my gigs disappear is a mystery.

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I didn’t say anything about earning volume. I mean order volume in regard to the amount of orders placed with sellers. You have fewer orders in queue than usual, you go down in search visibility. Meanwhile, someone with more orders goes up.

My guess is that if you don’t bring people from outside of Fiverr to bump up your sales, you will keep descending in orders and keep descending in search visibility accordingly.

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How would fiverr know this? They still have to open an account on fiverr.

I had many more orders than I have had the previous two months, and they still took my gigs to the back and cut my impressions until I don’t get sales again.

If they look at repeat business then I should be on top.

But if you write your name, aren’t you violating your name? What if the client doesn’t believe your name is yours? What if he wants you to scan your driver’s license?

In fact, most contracts I sign at the doctors, insurance, etc, require name, address, phone, and sometimes e-mail (although that’s optional since not everyone has an e-mail).

I just don’t see why I should go through that for a $5 to $50 order. It’s just not worth it. r

Exactly. I have to show my driver’s license at a new doctor’s office.
I wondered how they even know it’s your real name.

Fiverr wouldn’t know. I’m talking about bringing people in via marketing yourself. I have quite a few gigs now which don’t appear anywhere in the search. This being the case, it is unlikely that I will receive any orders on them. Naturally then, the only way to realistically get orders will be to intensively market these outside of Fiverr and send traffic to them that way.

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I can’t help to feel fiverr is in a flux. For a lack of a better word, they are playing around with the algorithm. They tweak it, toss it out into the real world to see how it plays out. If the results are not what they are looking for, more tweaks, more tests. The mystery is, what kind of search results is Fiverr hoping to achieve with their algorithm? The only way they are going to know if the algorithm is giving them the results they are looking for is for them to use us as their