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Conversion Rate After 24hrs

Hello everyone! I am new here and posted my first gig last night. I have 3 sales already however, my conversion rate is only 2.7% with 37 views. Should I be concerned? Also, if theres anything on my profile or gig that might have caused this please let me know!

If you posted your gig only last night and already have 3 sales then you are doing just fine :slight_smile:

There are many people who post gigs, and go days/weeks/months without any sales.

Whatever you’re doing keep it up.

A 2.7 conversion rate is amazing for your first 24 hours of being a seller.

Based on my math, 3/37= a 8.1% conversion rate by the way :slight_smile:

Believe me, most people would be thrilled about this :+1:


I had no idea that was the reality of new Fiverr users! Thank you so much for the reality check and encourbagement! :blush: I believe clicks and impressions are involved as well, but it says 2.7%

Everybody’s experience is different.

But I would say your off to a very good start!

Keep working at it, and providing an amazing value to your client as well as amazing customer service.

If you do that, then I think you will go far!


you are so lucky. you get your order in first day. its quite impressive. you are doing so well keep it up.

Thank you so much! I’m trying out tips I’ve read from an article.

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