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Conversion rate has disappeared from my Fiverr app

2 days ago From my Fiverr app, the conversion rate has disappeared.
Now it’s show only impressions and clicks.
I don’t understand why conversion rate disappeared.


I noticed that on my app months ago. I miss it!

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Thanks for your reply but do you know why the conversion rate has disappeared?

Wait, mine is back, but showing 0%

More than likely because of how long the active gigs’s stats for impressions, clicks, and orders were down?

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My conversion rate was also 0%.
And Click, impression is good but not geting any orders. last delivery 12 days ago

I have had a few orders this week and as I said mine is 0%.

Perhaps everything has been recently reset.

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Mine came back as soon as the analytics came back but it’s always 0% now (which isn’t accurate).