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Conversion rate on fiverr


Hi, guys.

I have multiple gigs on Fiverr and I’m getting between 10% and 15% conversion, but, like any other person, I want more. However, I’m not sure whether that’s about the maximum one can get here.

Now, I know that conversion depends on so many factors, BUT I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW YOUR EXPERIENCE HERE so we all can understand how much room there is for improvement and decide whether it is worth the effort and time.

So, please share your experience: WHAT’S YOUR CONVERSION RATE HERE ON FIVERR?


Between 0 and 3% for me, but i’m still experimenting with different ways of improving my gigs + im not trying to make a living, just using fiverr gigs to fund some of my non profit websites.


Thanks for your feedback, mgjohn78.

As mentioned above, my conversion is between 10% and 15% on individual gigs. However, my overall conversion is much lower, somewhere around 7%, because some of the gigs have 0% conversion.

This means we have a lot to learn.


My plan is to get more outside traffic to my gigs. With enough views even a 3% conversion rate can be more than enough.



I have a gig that has a 27% conversion rate. Apparently that is a good thing? But I am not sure what benefits I get from this.

On the other hand, my other gig is only 3.7%. But has a lot of fiverr impressions. What do these impressions mean? This one has 4x the impressions than my first gig.


Hi, dre_mc4u.

From what I understand from Facebook advertising, impressions represent the number of times your gig appeared on the homepage or in a search result. Obviously, the more impressions you get, the better.


Hi, one of my gigs suddenly gets many more impressions, but the number of orders is very low. If I check the last 7 days I have 1.8K impressions, only 12 clicks, 20 views and 1 order. I’m guessing this is not normal is it? I figured I should get about 180 clicks and more orders. Can anyone help me out?