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Conversion rate related help needed. Experts only please

Hello Forum. I have been thinking about the conversion rate. I have read a few topics before but can’t seem to get 100% accurate answer. I have a few questions.

First how can I see my conversion rate? (on desktop)

Judging by the previous topics I learned that conversion rate depends on views and orders that I receive.

Here is my problem: I have once hired someone to get some traffic for my gig. I got almost 6k views. Even being a new seller I had a really great conversion rate(saw on mobile app) and my gig appeared into the 3rd or 2nd page. After a few weeks of buying that gig, my gig suddenly disappeared from 3rd page and jumped to page 21!!! a few days ago. It looks like my sells are not enough depending on the number of views so I am now having very bad conversion rate. Its under 1 :frowning: Is this the reason my gig went at the bottom?

I assume yes and continue to next question. What should I do (delete the gig or wait)? Does the conversion rate depends on a period of time like depending on the views and orders of past 15/30/60 days? So once the time period is over(and I keep getting sells) will my gig get good conversion rate again :confused: or it won’t? its a bit critical question so please only answer if you are 100% sure of it.

Here is my gig link you might want to check out:

Thank you for your patience. I am really sorry that I made it this big but I have a lot of confusions also I think my topic will help a lot of sellers who have no idea about this.


How to see your conversion rate.
Go to Selling - Gigs - (Click on the description for the gig you are interested in) - Scroll down to the graph for gig performance - check box “conversion rate”

When you purchase views, you don’t typically get qualified customer views. They may also be bots and not even represent real people. We have the same problem when our gig is featured on the Fiverr blog or the home page on Fiverr. Lot’s of views but not potential customers.

If Fiverr considers conversion rate when trying to match a buyer with the best seller, the low rate could be a problem.

I wouldn’t start over. I would try to get real people that you know to order your gigs on Fiverr and review. You will see something magical happen when you reach 60 reviews which will be about 100 completed orders on one gig.

Focus on gig offers that naturally have repeat customers. This will allow you to not be focused on where Fiverr places you in the search results.

I have always found it interesting to consider the ratio of clicks to impressions that we get. You will have to manual figure this out. This will show you how attractive your thumbnail is. For instance, my podcast gig had 6000 impression, but only 184 of the 6000 people actually click on the thumbnail to check out my gig. I can’t blame Fiverr for not exposing my gig. They exposed it to 6000 people. I just only got the attention of 184 people. Really maximizing the impact of the thumbnail may give you the most traction. I had 62 orders so my conversion rate (Click to Sale) is about 30%. My click rate (6000 to 184) is 3%. For every 1% I gain in clicks, I will gain 18 additional sales.

So we may consider focusing on the conversion from impresssion to click.

Something else that will skew my results is the fact that about 55 of those orders were repeat buyers so they were technically not part of those stats.


Good knowledge @landongrace you are one of my mentors, I aspire to reach your level.

Wow thank you very much for your reply. i really appreciate it. I just became level 1 seller in this month evaluation. I completed 15 orders from 3 clients. All of them have future works for me. I hope everything works out just like you said. Thank you again for your reply :slight_smile:

But I am a bit worried about my gig ranking. It is still on the 21st page. No buyer searches that deep to find someone suitable to do his work.

I managed get my clients with buyer request options. But after the evaluation it seems that option is broken. I am seeing 4-5 days old buyer requests. I still remember that there were 780+ old requests were shown after the evaluation .

This is a huge disadvantage for me. If I cant get direct order neither the custom order then how am I gonna progress :confused:

@landongrace I just checked the conversion rate and its really bad. I tried to figure out the % by doing some math there. I added impressions and clicks then divided by views and it came 0.36 and my conversion rate is 0.37(There might be a relation in between them). My gig has only 15 sells and I have a few client ongoing project and thinking of deleting the existing one so I get a few sells on my new gig instantly and get good conversion rate. Also I have edited the gig a lot of times frequently. What would be the best choice for me? I am still novice here so I will follow whatever pros suggest. Thanks

Here is my conversion rate of past 30 days. The rate counts from past 30 days activities. Will my conversion rate rise if I complete some orders?

To see conversion of impressions to clicks:

Click number divided by impressions.

well guidance provided by you

Your post really gives room for development, thanks to you.

Very low quality conversation this gig. please share this gig to social media. I hope that this gig will improve conversion . thanks

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I had 77% conversion rate 20 days ago. Suddenly it dropped to under 1% :frowning:

try to conversion to client in fiverr massage section and see your conversion rate increase. thanks