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Convert Buyers into Clients

How :o ? Just use My Contacts Feature and make a contact with your buyers. Offer new stuff and earn more. This may convert or transform any buyer into regular buyer or client.

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Though I understand your idea behind it please don’t suggest this to other sellers. This is considered spamming and if a buyer reports you, your account might get restricted.

This is a tip that can be a double-edged sword. I can tell you that if I buy a gig from someone and they contact me later trying to push me to buy something else, that is spam to me. If I am interested in a purchase, I will contact the seller. I know that I’m not the only one, since I’ve seen sellers report that they’ve been blocked from messaging after contacting previous buyers.

I don’t recommend that, people order when they need something, they don’t order when you need something.

Instead, have a nice message saved when you deliver your work.

Thank you for your order!

I did xyz! I gave you X extras.

If you like my work, please give me 5-stars.
If you really like it, tips are appreciated.

If you need help with X, Y, Z, I have gigs for that.

Best Regards

Actually you can simply put the Hi message to your old clients for maintain your business relations. If you are doing some new thing or you have any good offer for your client then you can share it with them But one thing keep in your mind. if you directly give them offer and ask for order this will be a spam. …

asking for 5 star not a good idea. just let them decide how many stars they want to give. we should only focus on Quality of work, Communications, Delivery time etc, and i like your idea that when we deliever the work we can also use this format.

That may work outside of Fiverr. Here, if you contact your old buyer without him/her initiating the contact first, it is considered spam. It doesn’t matter whether you’re saying “Hi” or offering them something, it’s still sending unsolicited messages, and could get your messaging disabled.

Why fiverr makes the contact buyer offer

As others have said, this is bad advice for Fiverr, as it basically constitutes spam and a few well-intended messages could end up with a blocked account or worse. If a buyer is pleased with your work, and is looking for a long-term collaboration, they will contact you.

As a side note, it’s also a terrible idea to send custom offers of your latest “deal” to random old buyers. There’s a very fine line between promoting yourself and spamming, and unfortunately, a lot of sellers here overstep it.

I have a few clients that I chat with about random things in between projects, but there’s absolutely no selling going on. If you want to maintain a relationship with clients over the long term, that’s probably the best way to do it on this platform. But let them initiate it!

To be able to send them an offer when they inquire about a service.

Yes right send your offers to buyers after order was complete and convert your buyers into client

That would be spamming. Once the order is complete, it’s complete. If the buyer wants something else from you, they’ll let you know.

I am afraid you don’t understand what we are trying to explain to you here. Well, best of luck then.

You can maintain a relationship with them but can’t force them to buy something from you.

good post …


My #1 gig rarely gets repeat business, unless it’s someone that is creating several businesses, maybe a blogger with 5 different blogs.

My other gigs do get some repeat business, but I don’t like to annoy buyers or beg for business. Think about this, when I go to a car dealer website, I rarely give my e-mail or phone. Why? Because I don’t want them calling me every week or every other day. I don’t want pesky e-mails. I value my privacy and so do my clients. Besides, if they like my work, they’ll save my gig as a favorite and order again in the future.

As for the stars, this works for me. You have to influence people, put ideas in their head that they didn’t consider before. If you don’t ask for 5-stars, maybe you get no stars or 4.5 stars or 3 stars. Of course, you might still get low ratings even if you don’t ask for them. But consider this, asking people for 5-stars doesn’t hurt you, specially if you’re polite about it. So why not do it?

P.S. IF you don’t want bad reviews and would rather refund, use this in your message.

“If you’re not happy with my work, click “resolution center” and start the refund process.”

If you decide to contact previous buyers, just understand that you are taking a high risk. You may find your message function disabled if someone reports you.

I thing if you deliver quality work and buyer 100% satisfied with you work then buyer must come back in future if need same kind of work so repeat buyers depend on your work and also communication matters.

I will do data entory work my experiment 2 years

I will do data entory work my experiment 2 years sir Thanks