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Convert ideas to 3d models

Hello, This is hardlogic.

i’m 3d Designer working with Blender3D to produce 3d models for 3d-printing or for E-Commerce Websites.

Don’t worry if you haven’t great idea,My Job is to convert your words into interactive 3D Models.

Also provide products for Amazon or for publishing commercially on youtube.
For Extra can make a little bit of animation starting from 10 seconds .

Services i provide:
Product Shots.
Industrial Design.
Mechanical Drawings.
3D Animation

if you have refernce photos or sketches it will be more helpful

Provide HQ(free noise) renderings (1920 * 1080px)

When you click the link your gig is showing as paused!

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now all my gigs work correctly as activated,

coming from vacation.


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