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Convert PDF to Word or Excel


Want to edit your PDF documents or need any help with PDF files just check out my gig. Don’t forget to contact me for any Microsoft Word or Excel related work also.


PDF to Word conversion can be done easily and successfully with the help of 3rd-party tool, Kernel for PDF to Word Converter software. This software easy to use and very effective. You can convert multiple PDF file to .DOC and .DOCX both format of word.

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Download PDF to Word Tool For PDF File Conversion To Word Format


Nice tool


I find a free online pdf to word converter to convert pdf to word online.


Thank you for your resource. Just now, I found another guide for converting PDF to Word, there’s code sample code on it than also can achieve similar conversion of PDF to Word.


Don’t see any problem with such a thing - there are dozens of solutions for that nowadays. It’s up to you what to choose, I prefer to work via this tool I usually have no purpose to work with conversion to Excel file, but they have some solution for that as well. See, things not that complicated :wink: