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Convert Raster ito vector


Vector tracing
Have an existing logo design that you want converted for use in all media such as the web or print? Is it low quality and you want it high res?

Send it to me and I will redraw your image into a scaleable vector file (.ai or .eps) so that it does not lose quality or sharpness no matter how big you make it.

What is a vector image?

A PNG, GIF or JPG for example works using pixels. When shrunk to a certain point everything gets mashed up as there only so many pixels available, or the opposite where, if the image is expanded it starts looking blocky because extra pixels get added trying to match the surrounding ones.

Vector files don’t use pixels, they use a set of mathematical equations which means that no matter what size you scale it to from 1x1cm to 100ftx100ft (or bigger!), the image will always retain the same quality. This is why it’s the design industries recognized standard.

Your vectorized / redrawn logo will be delivered to you within 48 hours. If you need it urgently then consider using my priority service to have your logo within 12 hours.

Thank you.
Kind regards