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Converting Files

I ordered a custom logo and although it said .eps files as part of the description I asked the seller and he stated that it was part of the source file…I paid extra and tipped ahead for this seller, and I still did not get file names that I can use. I need all of the files…end and source files…

You may ask the seller to do the conversion files for you. Seller will give the answer for you. If the conversion files is possible to do with great result, I think there is no reason to refuse the request to do this conversion :slight_smile:

What does tipping ahead of time mean? A tip is something you give AFTER a job is done for you and you like it and want to give them more.

So the gig says you get an .eps file, is that correct? And when you told the seller exactly whta kind of file you needed, what file did you write him? And how much extra did he say that would be?

If you have a clear message from the seller saying that for $X I will give you the source Photoshop or Illustrator file or whatever file you asked for, then contact Customer Support and let them know.

you should contact with that seller!! only the seller can help you with this issue!!