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Converting from seller to buyer

i have a question: Can i just change my seller profile into a buyers profile…???

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There is no official name, all you have to do is simply delete your gigs, start buying gigs and becoming a seller!!

no i mean that i want to post request a gig but it goes on to pending and after a day or so it says unapproved…?? cuz this option is for buyers only, whereas i am a seller…

I have the same problem too. I want to start hiring people, but I am seller as of right now.

I buy and sell out of the same account :slight_smile:

You can buy the gigs from seller account too… There have no any restriction to be buyer… Just order the gigs and give the payment from your fiverr wallet. It will save 5% process fee too… So that is best way :wink:

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why not… anytime you can convert from buyer to seller and from seller to buyer. it depend on you that either you wanna place an order to give some services.

There’s no such thing as a seller profile or a buyer profile. A seller can buy anytime they want, and a buyer can start selling anytime they want. I too started as a buyer, and then started selling as well.

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I think you’re thinking of some other platforms which offer or offered this.

As @adsensewizard has pointed out, this platform doesn’t differentiate between the two–for simplicity’s sake, I take it–which can be a good thing and is working out well.

There’s an already established sense of camaraderie with fellow sellers, so using one profile, like this platform does, is advantageous in that sense.

yeah sure, you can buy & sell gig using same account.
As a seller you can sell your gig and as a buyer you can buy any gig without any issue. check attached file, i have spent $110