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Converting Keynote (Mac) to PowerPoint

I tried to convert Keynote to PowerPoint on my Mac, but the video didn’t work on the PowerPoint version.

Is there a way to do a conversion so that ppt. comes out exactly the same as the key. presentation?

Reply to @ronlee888 Hi! Could you please send it to me! I have a Mac Mini. I think I can help you! :slight_smile:

I make a file, save my original Pages on my Mac, into the file, export it to my desktop into a PDF and then go to If you don’t join you can use it once a day for free.

Across the top go to Pdf to Powerpoint, upload and convert. Save it to your desktop file. You can sent it to yourself (e-mial attachment)but would need to open it on a PC not your mac.

Not all Keynote features will be exactly the same in PowerPoint. Alot will be, but not all.

If you have video in Keynote, why not just export your keynote as a video file, you can do that, I do it often and create little movies using Keynote.

Also, why do you need to convert to powerpoint to begin with?

Robin, if I gave you powerpoint slides, could you make them drag and drop and also collect scores from the users?