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Converting to Fiverr Business Account fails

I was trying to convert my private Fiverr account into a business account yesterday.
However, it got stuck on the onboarding screen where I need to provide information about my business.
After providing my information I can not click on “Next”. Also, at the top of the page is a green box saying “undefined”.

This is horrible because I have a running gig and its deadline is today. I can not access the delivered work and I can not access any other sites because I am being redirected to this onboarding screen.

I would be thankful if someone can help me out here.



Kindly contact customer support via their email address or on Twitter. We might not be able to proffer satisfactory solutions here as sellers/buyers. Thanks.

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Can you provide a screenshot, please?

I take it you are both buying and selling? Hate to say it, but resellers do not have a good reputation on the forums.

No I’m just buying. I just wanted to share the costs when buying gigs with other team members (I guess that’s possible with Fiverr Business).

Try a different browser? Or clearing your cookies/cache?

I have the exact same problem.

Have you found a solution yet?

This must be on Fiverr’s side.

I have contacted customer support but they are very slow at answering.

Please share if you got anything!

(P.S. I needed to create a new Fiverr account just to access forums… Horrible!)

Yes I also needed an extra account.

I figured out that most functions are accessible when you login from the fiverr app on your smartphone (for example, if you have running gig’s). So at least you can communicate with the seller and tell him what’s going on. However, downloading submitted files from review are corrupted. So I had to accept the project of the seller and kindly asked her to send me the files over private email.

So Fiverr replied:

“We are aware of the issue and are doing our best to resolve it as soon as possible. You will get notified as soon as it is resolved. …”

It’s been 3 days now and that’s so bad.
I have some credits on my account that I want to use.

I hope they will solve this soon.