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Convince Buyers by Communication

Hey guys!
I have a question that how can we convince buyers for placing orders through good communication skills?
How you communicate with them and make them to place order? please share your experience regarding this.


First of all you need not convince a buyer to place an order this needs to happen within the buyer itself, if you have ticked all the boxes including good communication, maintaining your professionalism, having a good portfolio, then no one is stopping the buyer to place the order…

Always remember if a buyer messages you then he/she have already decided you are the perfect fit for them you already gained the reputation from a buyer’s perspective, so just focus on doing the things right that needs to be done thereafter, trying to convince the buyer to place an order sounds way to unprofessional and it also shows desperation which you need to avoid and maintain your professionalism…


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Thanks for your valuable advice :blush:

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This might be the case on a very, very rare occasion, but it’s far, far more likely that the buyer has established contact specifically to see how a Seller communicates.

OP, consider how you talk with people face-to-face. Over the phone. In nothing but written words. Every level, you loose some ability to communicate. You get better at each of these by doing them. Practice.

Do you like books? Think of how well an author can detail a dramatic orange and lavender sunset over the ocean, from the perspective of a small stranded man in a boat, out of sight of shore and running out of supplies.

I’m willing to bet you pictured something dramatic and lovely, until you learned the viewer was in a dire situation. That is communication.

If you want to earn an order, you have to prove to the Buyer that you understand what they’re describing. Ask questions. If you have to, repeat it back to them, using different words. If the Buyer gets annoyed, it’s a sign that they don’t know what they want.


Actually I wanted to say this in a different tone, maybe you misinterpret. IMO if a potential buyer messages you it means that they have already gone through different GIGS of other sellers, but your GIG was the one which strike them, maybe your GIG have a better description, maybe your GIG images or GIG video is better explaining you and your service, it can be anything, and that’s the reason the potential buyer decides to message you to discuss the project…

What you said is just the other half of the coin… As you may know a coin have two sides, so yeahh I agree with you too, that may also be possible…
But you just can’t completely disagree with me, because nowadays you may know its a busy world everyone is busy in their own way so I don’t think that a buyer will just come and talk casually to just check your communication and if it’s good, if they think you are capable they will order rather what I think mostly buyers nowadays prefer to check everything themselves, they will just do the extra work to look for the seller they what…

But still i am pretty new on this platform a lot more for me to learn too… But I hope I make sense…


I have to agree with what @imagination7413 said, I can tell from my own experience
that when someone messages you, in most cases they are still in the middle (or perhaps at the very start) of their seller search.
Yes, you did successfully manage to get their attention and get a message, but that’s just the start. You might be at the top of the buyer’s list, maybe the middle, or at the bottom.
I can say for sure, no matter how busy the world may be, many buyers will actually take their time communicating with several different sellers to check how they respond, and how professional they sound.

I’ve had experiences where I successfully got orders since the buyer liked the way I communicated. I asked questions to make sure I understood the demands clearly, in some cases they said stuff like “Wow, I didn’t think about that, thank you for bringing that up.”


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While getting sales and convincing a buyer to opt for your services is not a luring technique, it is definitely a matter of effectiveness and consistency. As long as you stay true to what you offer and try to understand the buyer’s need, through a friendly conversation, your chances of conversion will be, I believe, drastically enhanced.

I think you are asking the wrong question.

It’s true, if a prospect messages you on Fiverr, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are looking to buy from you.

They are most likely talking to other sellers on the platform, looking to either alleviate fears or establish project fit.

So I think a better way to look at it is to make sure your gig and portfolio, do that work for you.

Have your online presence do the convincing, or at least half of it.

Then you can see how much easier it is to close the sale. You don’t actually need to convince them of anything.

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