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Cookie cutter response from CS so I will ask U How do I get a youtube link allowed on my fiverr page


I see several people including featured and TRS with a youtube link on their page. In fact these gigs are similar to my new gig. I want to sell bulk royalty free music tracks. and I need links so I can show samples of the work I have no other way of showing off 10-50 songs in a 30 second fiverr video.

I asked CS and he just told me I can upload a video on my gig… oh wow derp thanks for letting me know that :-q

How do others have this allowed or do they simply do it and hope fiverr doesn’t notice…


Hey, @matt_garry

I see YT, SoundCloud and Flickr links everywhere. I’ve read on the forum that these are allowed on gig descriptions, but have never seen it written in ToS or anywhere else on Fiverr for a definitive answer. Yet as you point out they’re everywhere.


I have seen it definitively answered. And my understanding is you just put the link in. What challenge are you having?


There is another option too Matt.

You could have a friend (offline or on fiverr) buy your basic $5 gig. You can “make the delivery” on their order by attaching your sample video.

Have them leave feedback saying whatever or be totally transparent and have it say something like… "Transaction completed to add this sample reel to Matt’s portfolio"

Then it will be in your portfolio and you can “encourage people to view it there”…

Not sure I like that as much as having a link though…personally.

The real risk of the link to YouTube is you never know when Fiverr will change it’s mind and consider that “sharing personal info”


Reply to @anarchofighter: Ya I am a little worried about it and I have sent a few more tickets I don’t want to risk what I have worked so hard for.


thank you