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Cookie Cutter Responses

I’m a new buyer and I wanted to give some feedback. It’s quite frustrating when the seller doesn’t even read your request and respond to the individual points. I have a wix site and want it spruced up. I respond to someone who’s selling for “$6” but in actual fact the minimum amount is $25. Now this is fine… I happy to pay but isn’t this false advertising?

Next I attached a doc outlining what I would like. She doesn’t even read it but sends me what seems like an automated response of her costs. She also sent a link to her portfolio and asks me to point out a style that I like. Which I do so. But she asks again in her second contact. My advice… don’t choose anyone who is too popular. They haven’t got the time to listen or respond to you in any kind of personal way.

I know… I know… “it’s so reasonably priced” I hear you say. But don’t expect any real connection or feedback from the popular sellers.

I am sorry to know about your experience. But what I believe that you should have asked the seller about what he/she understood by your request and how he/she would fulfill it. Being clear and making him clear would have helped you, I believe.