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Cookies are done. Work is complete. I'm finished!

I just finished the first draft of my novel! I’m so excited. This is (I think) my best one yet. Yes, it took me eight novels, but I’ve finally written a good one. I’m now also wondering what I should write next. It’s between a poetry book (though the way I write isn’t really prose or poetry so the last book technically counts), theology book (I don’t think it’d be non-fiction, but idek…), or another screenplay. I also want to figure out how to make my art more visual since visual art often gets more media attention than books, but I feel like that’s a project for Christmas Vacay.

Sigh. I digress. My novel is finished, and I have 75k words worth of orders in queue. Such is life.

That is all. :slight_smile:


Well done. I wrote a book over NaNoRiMo one year and it’s still selling on Amazon. Not well,but people are still buying it occasionally.

It’s exhausting, wonderful, terrifying … and so satisfying!

Best of luck with your new projects !


Hi! Congratulations! I have a book in me too… but how to get it out? With 75k words waiting for me in queue, I’ll NEVER write something of my own. I’ll be too stressed out!

Make a word count goal for you to write each day. It can be as little as 100 words or even 1,000 if you think you have time. Once you make that goal, refuse to sleep until you’ve met it for the day. My goal had been 500 words a day, but I regularly went above it. I NEVER missed a day. And eventually, my book was done.


That is so great! I might try it … What is your book about?

It’s about a guy and his brother, pretty abstract and nihilistic.


That’s so exciting! Congrats :slight_smile:

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Congratulations for your hard work

I am inspired! On Monday, I am going to start writing my 100 words per day. If I am calculating correctly, I should have my book ready in less than six months. Wouldn’t that be great?

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Wow,Congratulation for your hard work. God bless you dear.