Cooking recipies


Ican do to the many recipies of foods.


Me too. I can cook. I am not a pro but I like cooking.


I can cook steak.


I’m getting ready to go and cook right now! 20 minutes and I’ll be shouting at a Czech girl for cleaning the pasta pot with a steel wool scrubber and there being little bits of metal in everyone’s carbonara. Oh, the joys!


I can boil eggs.


And I can prepare coffee as well, 1/3rd cup milk, 2/3rd cup water, keep in the microwave oven for 1 minute, take out, add a teaspoon of coffee and drink.


LOL. Well done! At least now you know one way to make a coffee :smiley:


There are other ways too? Yeah, I know, coffee makers, like they do in StarBucks.


Yes, there are other ways :slight_smile:


Oh, you mean filter coffee.That’s very complicated.


I am not a coffee expert, but here is an article: :slight_smile:


I hope it’s instant coffee?
I too drink instant.
I dislike coffeemakers as they run the hot water through plastic parts.


Yeah, Nescafe.


I drink that one and Taster’s Choice. edit: I drink Folger’s not Nescafe, was still asleep when I answered.


I can cook veggies.


I steam veggies in the microwave for 5 minutes. Easy.


Actual vegetarians? Or just vegetables like you get from the market?


No they go into a larger pot for stew.