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Cool Features ..***>>>Fiverr

This suggestion is for TEAM Fiverr I think There are lot of features which Fiverr can add to make their platform more convenient for buyers and Sellers as well.

  1. REAL TIME MONITORING :- There should be a real time monitoring feature for sellers , by which they can track their gig’s performance in Real Time , and can see what are most active hrs when someone [buyer] view or clicks his gig .

2.FILES : - I think majority of seller on Fiverr wants this feature , Fiverr’s direct message size should be increased it’s only 25 MB I think , and for a video editor like me its nothing or if you can’t be increase it then you should provide a platform for Fiverr seller and buyers both where they can send and receive large files without any hassle , because sometimes it’s really frustrating uploading a file to drive , copying link ,and then sending it to buyer.

3.VOICE MESSAGE :- I think this feature should be there because it’s pretty easy and quick to deliver a voice message than typing . Because voice message is sometimes or most of the times faster than typing.

4.VIDEO VERIFICATION TIME :- Time for gig’s video verification is too much it should be made more fast , because video speaks more than image and description itself , so sometimes it can be very helpful in improving gig’s performance .

5.LINK TRACKING :- There should be a tracking feature for the link of our gig that we use to promote our gig so that we can see how our promotion strategy is working .

  1. CHAT :- Don’t you think it would be helpful if there will be a chat messaging system instead of inbox messaging , where buyer can see if seller is online and seller can see if buyer is online instead of waiting for each other to be online .

7.BUILT IN EDITING :- I think this feature will be really helpful , if you update your video and photos frequently , there should be built in editor on Fiverr site for sellers to edit gig’s photos and videos , so that we don’t have to open Photoshop or Vegas again and again for basic editing jobs like trimming video , cropping ,highlighting a photo etc .

8.AUTOMATIC COMPRESSION :-There should be automatic compression feature option for gig video.For example uploading a video of 51 MB Fiverrr will not accept because limit is 50 MB so , there should be automatic compression feature which if user wants will compress video to best possible quality and size , it will save our lot of time because for compression Fiverr will automatically do it and we don’t have to open our heavy video editing softwares and change the whole video then export it and then upload it .

These are the changes I think should be implemented , but I know many of us has more better ideas than these,so write your idea below .


Yeah, these listed features will make fiverr more easy.

Great text. Hopeful for the best. Really we face several times in these situations which you write here. Of them limit of file size, chatting, voice mail etc If Fiverr team take necessary steps to run or modify the feature, it will be great.

I’m telling you guys, if Fiverr added a feature for sellers to charge like $1.99/minute so buyers could ask questions before making a purchase, etc. it would be a GAME CHANGER.

@psychicbunny It would stop purchases for most. Whenever someone sends a message it is a chance for a sale so why put up a block to that? Seriously don’t give them more bad ideas.