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Cool. Fiverr featured my photo on the top of one of their categories! Programming and Tech


This is the nicest thing Fiverr has done. My daughter and I are on the cover photo for the category Programming & Tech

Check it out:

Fiverr sent a photographer to my house for a photo shoot back in May and it looks great.

Thanks to Peter for his awesome photography and Jess of Fiverr for setting this up.




That is Awesome, Nice Pic :slight_smile:




HOW CUTE!! (her) xD


Lovely :slight_smile:


how nice, how proud and happy you must both feel! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Wow! That is very cool!


Now that’s what Customer Relations is all about. Sweet.


Nice pic :slight_smile:




A nice accomplishment indeed.


It’s not there no more? :open_mouth:


Reply to @bachas85: It depends on how resized your browser is.


Reply to @edrellos: I just checked and it is there for me.


awesome I better get some picture of me and my lady-friend maybe I could get the same luxury:)


Reply to @matt_garry: Yeah, actually, Fiverr sent a photographer to my house and he took the photo :wink:


Reply to @hotwebideas: oh I missed reading that part. I Just assumed they picked you’re picture from one of you’re gigs or something that’s awesome:)


IT is not showing now.

Last day i was able to see. But not now.


All covers on categories are removed.

Maybe due to search filters implemented.


Reply to @bitbyteworld: It shows for me. I attached a screenshot.