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COOL GIG AVAILABLE: I will turn your picture into an AMAZING image that only uses text for $5

I will turn your picture into an image that only uses text.

This is what I need from you:

You decide which characters you want the image to use. Any characters can be used (without space!)

Next decide whether these characters should appear randomly (0110100) or in sequence (01010101)

For best contrast, background will be black unless you purchase another gig for Change Background Color.

Font size will be one size throughout the image.

To change the color I will need the exact color, to get the exact color you will have to give me the HTML code which you can find

With purchase of 1 gig I will turn 3 pictures into an image that only uses text.


HTML Code for the image

Change Background color

Your satisfaction is important!


With basic gig: You will be allowed to change characters 2 times.

If you purchase Extra Gig: Change Background Color and you are unhappy with the color you chose you will be allowed to change the color twice. If you need more purchase extra revisions gig. *By default you will receive a black background with basic gig.