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Cool! I have completed my first order successfully

Hi Dears,
***** Act professionally. :slight_smile:

Admin Note: Most important portion left for OP to keep considering. Post moved due to OP behavior.

Great, you didn’t plagiarize @jamesbulls this time!

But why not just stick to your original post? I mean, one job is a good start, but it’s not a tip for sellers, and nor is it necessary to create many posts about it. (Copy/paste if link is not automatic)

Don’t worry, I’ll get bored of this soon enough.

I don’t need your comments here. Drop your comments and waste someone else’s time.

Oh, so it’s OK to spam me then, but I’m not allowed to spam you?

congrats bro…

Also, why have you changed your original post–which I linked to above, to have a different title and intro post? Surely you’re not trying to hide your unprofessional behavior through weak deception? Unfortunately for you, I linked before you had a chance to change it.

Come on Sarwar. This is very poor behavior all around, and there are consequences.

Thanks a lot.
Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.
Keep trying. (y)

Wow I wonder what is going on there why are you two arguing so much? - I had some people order my Gig and then try to copy it - Once I got onto them they all dissapeared lol :slight_smile:

She just trying to ruin my posts. But I don’t have enough time to ****** her. GO ahead! ignore her! (y)

To be fair, both of your last posts were plagiarizing @jamesbulls.

So I’m not really ruining “your” posts, am I? You had plenty of time to spam my inbox before, so why the sudden change of heart in hearing what I have to say?

It’s kind of cute, really.

You are rude. Potential buyers should read the other forum post:

Everyone see @sarwar7bd is really like and see the responses. There are good sellers who don’t behave this way, including many from Bangladesh. Unfortunately people like Salwar make the others look unfairly bad.

When someone posts seemingly nice tips on the forum (which sometimes turn out to be stolen from the writing of others) and then they inbox people without asking, that’s against the letter and spirit of the rules.

This is especially so when someone like sarwar seems nice on the forum at first, but sent rude and harassing inbox messages with personal questions and deliberate crude messages in their native languages. That tends to cause arguments. If sarwar had not acted unprofessional, it wouldn’t have happened.

I decided it was time for a megapost with links and screenshots so people could understand what was going on. After all, it’s always nice to know what’s going on, isn’t it?

We’ve already established quite a lot about you Sarwar, but let’s just take one more thing into consideration while clearing up the air. This gig of yours:

Has the following:

A good looking and responsive “About” pages are an often-overlooked opportunity to distinguish yourself from your competitors and foster an appetite for your services. Misguided, thoughtless versions of these “About” pages are typically filled with bland, uninspiring imagery and information, which is doubly bad for someone in a creative industry. While working on your “About Me” or “About Us” page, consider it a chance to show off your creativity.

It’s a shame it is lifted and stolen from (website currently offline—Google the paragraph above). I include a screenshot of gig as is, should Sarwar decide to alter it to make me look foolish while expertly covering up his tracks, as he has attempted to in the past to gret successings.

Sarwar. I hope you’re learning your lesson. Telling people you “have no time” for their bs is… well, come on, dear. Leave people’s inboxes alone, don’t ask personal questions and then don’t call them a “whoreson” in your local dialect. Evidence of this conversation can be found here in my supplied screenshots which you, Sarwar, welcomed:

Just so no-one can be in doubt of my repeated accusation that you are plagiarizing from @jamesbulls, here’s a screen shot and a link.

– I screwed up the link in the post here, but never mind. Second chances for all! This, incidentally, was also the OP for the “bad review thread” ( prior to a hasty edit to cover his tracks. You will note the LOLURL that gives the game away.

Tips 29 and 37 are indeed plagiarized, and should you need good tips, @jamesbulls has provided them in full here:

This is your hole, Sarwar. If you don’t stop misbehaving, you’ll be lying in it soon enough. Don’t forget, my dear, you continued to spam my inbox begging me to remove my screenshots and posts—you very wisely stopped when I simply told you no.

My advice? Stop this behavior. It’s the epitome of everything bad about Fiverr. You can continue to argue with me, of course, but I will simply come back with more damaging evidence.

Did you know that the Fiverr Forum is indexed incredibly quickly on Google? Any future buyer researching you will see all of this. What do you imagine that they will make of you then?

Like I said—that’s a mighty big hole you’re digging.

আমার হভারক্রাফ্ট কুঁচে মাছ-এ ভরা হয়ে গেছে

I hate it when I’m full of fish. Especially since I don’t eat fish.

Normally I feel sorry for the poor souls who Emmaki goes after, but not this guy, he deserves every bit of it and more.

Good ones, Emmaki! :slight_smile:

@fonthaunt lol

I don´t feel sorry for that guy at all.

I normally don’t. Sure, Emmaki comes off pretty harsh, but she’s usually full of tidbits and spot information that’s pretty useful I’ve noticed while on the forums. She’s just quick and to the point and doesn’t have time to be nice. You put your ego to the side and she’ll tell it to you straight.

But this guy. man. I’m with you. I don’t think he deserves any pity at all for the way he acted, and I hope Emmaki’s efforts make sure that he don’t ever make another sale on Fiverr again. I hope the $10 that he made was worth it.

Shouldn’t have messed with @emmaki, she will destroy you lol