Cool unique hand made South Park gig


Hello fiverr’s,

I’m new here but I recently made a cool gig. I enjoy making funny little South Park looking characters for you or your company.

The great thing about mines are they’re made from scratch, unlike some people who are generating them from the SP site which can’t be used.

I make them unique to fit you for an extra purchase you can receive the AI file.

I already made 2 sales =)

You can check out the gig here.


Pretty cool Jason kid, these are all hand made.

Be sure to check my fiverr page


Love these! :slight_smile:


Thanks @ehelper888


X-men meets South Park =)

Pretty cool if Magneto was on South Park.

Make sure you check out my Fiverr and get your South Park style character.

These are fun to make and I put time into them all.




AHH They killed Kenny, Great gig and good luck


Just wanted to bump it =)


These are awesome :slight_smile: Nice gig!