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Copied Gig Description

Can someone tell me if it’s okay to copy someone’s gig description??

I worked hard on my gig description and I found out some seller who copied it… like seriously… the wording, the formatting…

Seller could have at least changed the format or some words… I’d be fine with that… but nooope. seller just had to copy the whole thing.

Is it okay?! Or what… Ugh, I’m frustrated I brought it up to Customer Support.

I just dislike the idea… that’s all… X(

Not okay. There have been cases Fiverr support may temporarily take down gigs that copy others’ gig description.

You could try to contact the seller via messages first, and settle it without Customer Support. Contact support if the seller doesn’t cooperate.

I’ve had it happen several times to me… I tell them they were busted, and if they didn’t change, I’d contact CS… most times, they complied! If this one doesn’t, let CS handle it. They won’t give you the outcome but you can at least favorite it and see what happens for yourself. Good luck!

Contact Customer Support ASAP.

Reply to @willpower_hk: I already did contact seller. seller said there are “differences” in our gig description when obviously everything is similar…I swear…and seller was sort of shocked and “disappointed” that I brought it up to him/her… Really really frustrated right now!!!

Reply to @emeraldawnn: thanks for the tips, Emerald! Gosh… people these days… :frowning: