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Copied gigs

I have read a lot of complaints on how new sellers are copying OUR gigs. This has also happened to me a couple of times, probably more. The funny thing is … these people have copied a few of my gig profiles with out removing my name…what a joke LOL

All my gig profiles have my name on them…it seems all these people do is copy and paste with out even reading the profile… this is what I call scammers! what can we do about this ???

You have a few options here:

  1. just ignore them. I doubt they will get sales.
  2. Send the fake seller a message. What you send is up to you, you can confront them and tell
    them to remove that gig right away, or “pretend” to be a potential buyer and maybe ask for a quote or some questions to see if they will realize it is you. I know, it’s a childish thing to do, but I’ve done it
    myself in the past, and it’s pretty effective. :stuck_out_tongue: Then report them.
  3. Go straight to customer support.

Seeing those fake gigs can be “funny” at times, but most of the time it’s just annoying.
I’d like to keep Fiverr a clean and professional place if possible, so…

I’d say just report this fake seller! :smiley:

I just had to send a message to a seller myself. They used my rewrite gig description - pretty much down to the letter except they change it to fit their own agenda… Basically, instead of I, they used we and instead of 10+ years experience, they had 3+ years experience. It was so similar, I thought I was reading mine for a second.

I gave them one chance to change it - 24 hours. If not, I’m turning them into CS.

This is theirs:

We will manually REWRITE your article UP TO 600 words, be free of spelling and grammar mistakes, using AP style to edit material.

we never use spinning software. All about articles are manually rewritten by us. we will completely write your material so it says the same thing but looks different & copyscape doesn’t pick it up as duplicate content material.

Are you seeking out a professional writers for your work? Then, hire the services of a professional writers with 3+ years of experience. Come learn why many of my buyers become repeat clients

This is mine:

I’m a PROFESSIONAL WRITER with a Journalism degree. I’m a former reporter turned freelancer who will manually REWRITE your article UP TO 500 words, be free of spelling & grammar mistakes, using AP style to edit material.

I never use spinning software. All articles are manually rewritten. I will completely write your material so it says the same thing but looks different & copyscape doesn’t pick it up as duplicate content.

*** Are you looking for a professional writer for your work? Then, hire the services of a professional writer with 10+ years of experience. Come learn why many of my buyers become repeat clients!***

If they have your name on it, then send them a polite message asking them to remove it and to rewrite their gig.

Then if they do not and you are not comfortable with it, write to Customer Support.

But the thing is, I do not believe that gig write-ups are really copyrighted material are they? Everyone has the same titles of gigs in many cases, so write ups are often similar too. Tough clearly when it’s verbatim like that then write them or contact CS.

@emeraldawnn i think whoever copied your gig is not English native since lots of mistakes such as “hire the services of a professional writers” instead of hire the services of professional writers

@cleardestiny copied even your name? that’s funny. I think you should send him a message

Yes its too funny. lol I did send a message and I received a reply back from them thanking me that I made them aware of the copy lol…what a joke …they finally removed the copied profile.

Same thing happened to me. Even my friend copied my gig completely. lol. What can i do in this situation?

NEVER USE ********** She completely ripped me off of $63.00. Never even attempted to deliver the product. She Is a scam artist and I never got my refund!

Well, sending them a message worked for me. If they don’t take down the copied profile after you send them a message- contact customer support. :slight_smile:

Love and Light Everyone!

Reply to @cleardestiny: After not receiving a reply from the seller for my copied gig, I went to CS. I had it bookmarked, and although this person has two positive reviews, the gig was removed. I try to click on it and it takes me back to the homepage.

Should have changed it when I asked… sad thing is this person had a delivery during the night so they obviously saw my note. And, I’m sure their response rate suffered too.

I’m not vindictive; I believe in competition but blatantly copying another person’s gig…even altering it slightly is just wrong.

It is what it is…

Reply to @zeus777:

Always choose number three!

There was a seller a while ago who was pointed out to me by a loyal buyer. Took my photo and description word-for-word! I tried contacting her and she DENIED that she took it from me, but did end up changing the photo. I had already been editing my gig at that time to revise a few things so by the time CS got to it, the photo had been changed by her and the text she had slightly differed from my newly-edited gig, so they left it be.

A few weeks ago, I found another seller who flat out duplicated my gig, so I contacted CS. Shortly after, when you clicked that person’s gig it re-directed to mine, and was later removed.

So I say email CS :slight_smile:

Reply to @dean58: This is discussion forum. Go ahead and report it to customer support. They will give you a good solution.

Reply to @sincere18: They may not be copyrighted, per se, but they are intellectual property. The tendency of the Seller to copy and paste material into a Gig description makes their work seem less trustworthy (how can you trust their originality?) and also affects the original Seller, as their Gig now appears to be copied if the Buyer came across the other first.

The definition of plagiarism is using another writers words and/or sentence structure and passing it off as your own. Even if you change 50% of the actual wording, it’s still plagiarism if you copy the sentence structure, and vice versa. Similarities are one thing, because we all have 1200 characters to describe a service that 100 other people are offering as well as us, but blatant plagiarism is shameful, and against the T.o.S., if I’m not mistaken.

Reply to @dean58: Calling people out by username isn’t allowed in the forum.