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Copy cat gigs

Two months ago I started my gig and it went well until I saw someone copy my gig. I had a screenshot of soundcloud members because my gig deals with reposting. I didn’t consider this a strong violation because it was too easy to copy. I just looked at it as motivation. I decided to purchase my own Fiverr gig to make my cover photo standout from the copy cat. My cover photo was unique and it took time to create and implement. One month later after my sales increased dramatically the copy cat copied my new cover photo. They now look identical. Fiverr has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but tell me about privacy. I understand privacy concerns but nothing is nothing. There is no privacy when nothing is done. I don’t know what to do now. It really hurts when you take the time to be original and it’s taken away by those who have no creativity of their own. Please see the attached photo. My gig is ranked higher and looks better.

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I had a photo of the copy cat but now FIVERR says I can’t even post that due to privacy. WHAT ABOUT MY RIGHTS!!!

I have posted my problem at FRAGGLESROCK so other members can avoid this issue if possible. I don’t have any suggestions just a warning that it can happen to you and as of now Fiverr won’t do anything about it.

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You need to open a ticket on Customer Support and provide all the evidence about the copycat: probably they’re going to take it down until the other seller changes it.

It happened to me a lot of times in the past and CS always helped me to sort things out…

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Been there done that. It’s been three days.

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Been there done that. It’s been three days.

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Thanks for the advice but I have been monitoring the copy cat gig and they keep getting sales with my cover photo. My only conclusion is that after three day nothing has been done. No updates nothing just nothing.

Reply to @dreday911: some ticket could be worked after seven days too in this period… so be patient and wait for CS to do their job :slight_smile:

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No I will not be patient. We can come up with hypothetical timelines for action all day. “Some tickets take a year.” Now that year sounds as ridiculous as a week when it is your gig that has been compromised. My gig has been stolen and it’s now been 4 long days.

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There are so many rules but yet it’s been fours days and I still have a copy cat gig issue. Apparently rules only apply to those who follow rules.

ok for what i understand i can suggest you this.

Create new photo , watermark the photo.

Then the copycat cant use your pic because it will have watermark with your username :slight_smile:

Reply to @dreday911: ok, so don’t be patient at all, but this won’t speed things up. You can complain with Customer Support and rant here, but we are all regular users like you and cannot do anything to help you, sorry…

4 days and the copy cat of my gig still exist. Great job Fiverr™

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Yes he has. And my post was a reminder of that fact. Some people you just can’t reach.

voiceoverwork said: Some people you just can't reach.
They're "special"~

Reply to @celticmoon: Yeah… as in…

A “Special Needs” child…!

I know of some members who could not get their income because of paypal issues with Fiverr that had to wait for weeks to get it solved. So I wouldn’t count on a solution any time soon.

Reply to @dikosay: Search Gigs for “remove watermarks” generates more than 5500 hits.

I understand your anger dreday911. Waiting for action is frustrating to say the least. Been there, done that myself on a separate matter, too. But I found that one move towards a remedy is to keep moving. That is, keep busy.

The suggestion by biancha is really a good one. Make another picture and watermark it. If it is copied too, report again to customer service, and then move again. Fiverr cannot “forever” ignore such blatant atrocity, and you can rest assured that you will eventually come out the winner in all this - as long as you keep your kool.