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Is it ok for someone to have the exact description as you for their gig description, I saw someone’s page that had the exact words and all the person did was just replace some words, what do you think?

Personally if I found out that my gig description was copied, I won’t be happy, even though

the gig itself and the images being used was that seller’s original. It has happened to me

before, and I messaged the person to change it.

What you can do is notify the “original” seller and let him/her know about the situation.

From there I think it’s up to them, there is a possibility that the seller won’t mind.

On the other hand if the images were being copied, you should report it right away.

Ok thanks much, its not necessarily images, just mostly the exact gig description that is being offered you can see the services are the same because one of the paragraph is the same and just few of the words are just replaced to make it appear different.

Thanks @zeus77

If your Gig has been copied, with reasonable proof of doing so, Fiverr will review your request with their editorial team. Submit a request under General Questions about Fiverr from the ticket form on the support page. (

When reporting the Gig, be sure to provide screens (both your Gig and theirs) and link back to both. They will handle it. Sorry to hear your Gig is being copied, that’s not cool!

Thanks much I did that but they are taking longer to respond.

Reply to @julipalmer7: It can sometimes take a few days to hear back from customer support. Plus it has been a weekend too. So give it a few more days.

imitation is the highest form of flattery. I wouldn’t care myself

As unfair as it may seem, you may consider it your calling to improve your description and your gig. I am not saying there is anything wrong with it; but if you leave the copycats in the dust with some new keywords in your description, some new services, and whatnot, then they will be lagging behind. I do different writing gigs, and I recently lost an order to a “virtual assistant.” It is a nice way of saying jack-of-all-trades; or in this case, juli-of-all-trades. My point is, list out more detail about what you do. If you are doing press releases, letters, articles, list that. Then you will get more traffic than your competition for the same niche.

It’s OK to copy standard phrases like “100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back.” But for the most part, you should be learning from what they’re doing instead of copying verbatim.

One of my competitors has the gig extra: "add the DOT com guarantee."

I have: "Ensure domain availability on GoDaddy."

So if I wanted to change it, I might write: "Find you a domain."

On Microsoft Word, you can right click words and find synonyms for them, so even if you’re a poor writer, you don’t have to steal from other people, just modify it and make it your own.

Looking at your main gig, the only modification I would make is separate those paragraphs. Nobody wants to read wall-to-wall copy with no breaks.

@thepromogirl Its kind of resolved for now they do say the action that will be taken will not be disclosed to me, once again thanks much.

Thanks @sincere18 Customer support got back to me.

Imitation is the greatest flattery yes but not when you have done it word for word and have not changed it one bit! @customrapsongs

I will improve it and follow your suggestions @webtelly and @fastcopywriter

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