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Copy of logo , how can i cancel

I look for logo for a new brand that i developed
But seems my "designer"cant do nothing else then copy logos from other companies and put my brand name under
How can i cancel the whole thing


You can click on resolution center and cancel the order.

Or contact customer support.

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Yes,You can Contact customer support about this.

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I cancel the order
Loosed 1 usd on the whole thing and the rest of mymoney is in a Fiverr account
And helpdesk plays dead
Beside that the scammer her gig is still online ready to make other victims …seemks Fiverr dont care if clients are cheated or not

Is there any other more reliable platform to come in contact with designers ?
I lost my trust in Fiverr


You will find scammers everywhere. So far, there is no safe platform for freelancers or buyers. You can do a simple search on Google and you will find other marketplaces.

Sometimes they do, but most of the time, they just give a warning to the seller.

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How much did you pay for that logo?

nothing because i cancel the whole thing

and so far i can see many designers here on fiverr get their ĂŻnspiration"here

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Sad really. And to be honest a bit risky too. I see a lot of trade mark and copyright issues popping up at some point for the buyer.

My offline company creates brands and its one of the hardest and most time intensive part of our service. For that reason I would never offer my services here as a logo designer because how can you really do justice to someones brand for $5.

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There are a lot of excellent agencies and small businesses offering branding and design services. However, they usually charge $500+ for a logo.


This is why $5,- logo gigs are for soccer moms and not for professional businesses.


Dont say that, the problem with logo designers it is the over crowned… I design Simple Logo design for 5$ for example, but we dont lose Our profesionalism making it…

Scamers exist in 5$, 30$, 500$…

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like your ideas about this cancellation