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Copy or inspired?


So a few weeks ago I found a gig that copied my gig ( not only the gig itself, but the WHOLE gig description),

so I contacted that buyer, and he/she deleted that gig right away.

A few days later, I came across another person’s new gig that was kind of similar to mine, but still somewhat different and unique in its own way, so that didn’t bother me.

I do see, however, a lot of gigs that are quiiiiiiiiiite the same,

especially the “Your message on…” ones.

Since there are more than 3 million gigs here on Fiverr, I guess at one point people will end up

coming up with the same (or similar) idea, and I guess that’s hard to avoid.

Singing/voice over/drawing gigs are a bit different since each person has a different style/voice/taste,

even though 100 people might be saying "I will sing happy birthday for someone."

IF I had a nice singing voice ( WHICH I DO NOT HAVE!!), I’m sure I’ll go like "Hey, I can do a singing gig too!"

I wonder though, where is the line between “copy” and getting inspired/coming up with ideas after

looking at other people’s gigs?

Just thinking out loud here. :-/


Are you asking where the line is by Fiverr rules or by ethical beliefs? I don’t think Fiverr would care if a gig is copied. For example, if someone made another gig offering “your message on a clothesline.” However, they would probably help if the copycat seller stole your picture and text. Ethically, I would have a problem copying a creative gig like that using the same type of scene. If I loved the whole concept of the gig, I would only use the idea if I could tweak it, to create something more of my own creation. For example, make the camera angle looking down into a wicker basket full of fresh clothes. Maybe props, like a washboard or soap? The cloth pins themselves would all be arranged into letters forming messages. It would be fun to make a typography style clothes pin alphabet. :slight_smile: But no time for all that. lol. I’m sorry you’re having problems with people copying you. That would be frustrating. They should just make up their own stuff!


Reply to @rebesign:

Hi there :slight_smile:

Yup, I have reported a gig once since the person completely copied my text,

but seeing a similar idea isn’t a problem, it’s nice to inspire another person. :slight_smile:

In fact I myself got my clothesline idea from this other buyer’s gig which is a “ransom style” message using cutout alphabets from magazines, I decided to pin the words

up instead of gluing them. :smiley:

I have seen many “message-on-body-part” gigs, and since a good number of them

looks pretty much the same ( well, at least to me!) it made me think

if those sellers are aware of the other similar gigs, have they gotten angry/frustrated towards each other, stuff like that. Why would I even bother

wondering about these things?? What’s the point of all of this??

Well, I’m not really sure, LOL :smiley: It just got me wondering.

" I don’t think Fiverr would care if a gig is copied."

Very true, kind of sad in fact! :stuck_out_tongue:


Reply to @madmoo:

Yup, I’ve seen a lot of people copying your stuff.

I can see why they do it, your gigs are really cool, your descriptions are clear,

but still that’s not an excuse to copy.

I did a research too just in case someone had a similar one, and in fact I am

planning to add another new gig soon, and yes, I did research so I won’t become a copycat.

PS Good luck with the ransom note, I guess you’ll be sitting in front of a huge

stack of magazines with a pair of scissors in your hand…and coffee in the other?

Enjoy!!! :smiley:


There is a really popular gig that offers to “paint your logo or message on my back with body art technique.” If you search Google images by “ransom notes” there is a image of ransom note letters on a bare back that reminds me of that gig. But I don’t see any Fiverr sellers offering ransom notes on there body parts yet…:slight_smile:


Reply to @rebesign:

Ransom notes on body parts…hmmm…sounds kind of kinky! :smiley:


Reply to @madmoo:

Right now I am working on a drawing myself ( a cat in front of a PC with a jester hat on), and of course there is my coffee mug sitting on the table.

It seems like you are quite busy, good for you!

Good luck and have fun with your gigs! :smiley: