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Copy/paste to create a gig


Exactly how this gig was created. The video, images and gig descriptions, all came from my gig. It was a copy and paste act.

This is my original gig, created almost a year ago:

This is the copy and paste gig:

I wonder if the seller realized that the link at the end of the video points back to my gig instead of the copy/paste gig :slight_smile:


When he/she copied, he/she didn’t even bother to change the part in your description where you said to read the customer reviews below, despite the fact that there would not be any on the copycat gig.

I mean, if I was going to copy someone else, since it takes so little effort and is soooooo incredibly lazy, I’d at least review what I copied and pasted to make sure it doesn’t make me look stupid.